May 4, 2021

A new century of business through innovation and cooperation internationally

The Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce was founded in the early fifties to stimulate trade and cooperation with the Israeli market. From supporting agricultural products imported to Sweden and the export of trucks to Israel, they aim today at supporting networks and ecosystems in both countries that are in particular strong at innovation, as they believe that trusted-, long term, business relations are best built through joint efforts developing world-class, competitive, products.  

With their national economies complementing each other so well, they strive at establishing valuable contacts, through e.g. best practice seminars interviewing representatives of companies, and support organizations, that have succeeded in growing through fruitful collaborations between their respective ecosystems. 

They are building strong networks, not only in Sweden but also in Israel that will support anyone interested in collaborating with suppliers or clients in each region respectively. 

What is their focus and mission?

The Chamber of Commerce’s focus is to promote economic and commercial relations between Sweden and Israel. Thus, their mission contributes to high-quality meetings with the potential of generating businesses. Their customers are everyone interested in conducting businesses in the ecosystem they enable. 

Why become a member of the Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce?

By becoming a member of the Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce, you get access to a platform of contacts with other companies conducting business between Sweden and Israel. 

With over 70 years of experience, the Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce is an expert regarding businesses between Sweden and Israel. Their network consists today of approximately 50 members – everything from international companies, startups, and private individuals.

‘’ As a member, you have the opportunity to access a network with good trade relations between the countries and you’ll increase your knowledge about relevant aspects of contemporary Israel. Through our many years of presence in Israel, together with our network, we can provide contacts and are able to help you in succeeding with your market presence in Israel. We invite interesting Israeli and Swedish speakers to our morning seminars, which also could mediate business contacts between the communities. Our morning seminars contribute to relevant knowledge and help expand your personal network or even just a moment to meet other Swedish companies that in one way or another have trade connections with Israel. ‘’ – explains Peter Alberius, Chairman Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce.

A Trade Award as a tool to encourage development and growth

Peter shares with us the fact that every year, the Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce awards a prize: the Trade Award. ‘’This prize is awarded to a company or an individual that actively has contributed to strengthening trade relations between Sweden and Israel. The award ceremony takes place on a special occasion to which the members of the Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce naturally are invited to,’’ he says.

With the pandemic and the need that this health emergence brought for changes, even the Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce has made efforts to turn the shift to digital, changing many aspects and trying to stay updated and innovative within the industry where it operates.

‘’The world has not been the same over the past year as a consequence of Covid -19, and we, like many others, have had to switch to a lot of digital work. However, this has led to positive side effects such as a wider international audience with more global collaborations where, among other things, Swedish and Israeli speakers visited our webinars.

Both Sweden and Israel are continuously ranked as global leaders in innovation and are among the top 10 on ranking lists such as Global Innovation Index (GII), Global Competitiveness Index (GCI), and Bloomberg Innovation Index (BII). Together, we account for a significant proportion of the patents issued globally, where Sweden has recently ranked number 2 in patents per capita and Israel ranked number 5. The two countries are at the forefront of innovation and face common challenges in the need to constantly innovate to drive economic growth and compete globally.’’ says Peter.

Peter says that they would like to expand the Swedish community of scale-ups actively looking for global expansion and venture capital. ‘’We want to be in a forum in harmony with what is happening in Israel, a country with leading tech development. This is something we believe can be found at Epicenter.’’ – Peter says while he explains that they want to extend their network from international companies, startups, and private individuals.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to them to see how the Sweden Israel Chamber of Commerce could help you-https://www.swedenisraelcc.com/

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