Jun 22, 2022

Introducing a new member benefit: Hankøbåt

Hankøbåt is a boat sharing company who has seen a problem in the market. 

Today there are around 1 million privately owned leisure boats in Norway. Only being used as little as 28 days a year. This brings the cost of owning a boat to unproportional heights due to high ticket cost items such as berth lease, insurance, annual and ad-hoc maintenance and winter storage. 

As a solution to this Hankøbåt has created its boat sharing platform which gives the members of Hankøbåt access to modern, comfortable, easy driven leisure boats at a fraction of the normal cost. How can Hankøbåt offer this? Because the business model is based on a sharing economy where all members are bearing their part of the holding cost. And the boat’s run time is shared among the members. Which reduces the boats down time as dead weight ton in the berth to a minimum. This in Hankøbåts view is a win-win economically and environmentally. 

Hankøbåt is now offering members at Epicenter Oslo a reduced price of only 2.000NOK per month to be members of Hankøbåt.
Giving access to our boat in Aker Brygge in Oslo and our boats at Hankø and Gressvik in Fredrikstad. Membership is binding until the end of the season at the end of October. You can also rent the boat for a day or half a day to test before you become a member.

Visit Hankøbåt’s website to read more, rent a boat, or sign up for membership! 

Want to activate the member discount? Sign in to Epicenter’s members portal to redeem your discount code. 

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