Mar 4, 2022

World future day at Epicenter

On the 1st of march Epicenter hosted ‘World future day’ in Oslo. A full day packed with inspiring guests and conversations about the future. The world is moving forward and one thing’s for certain – it’s truly an exciting time to be alive.

We kicked off the day with breakfast followed by an exhibition where you were able to see, test and hear about the products a variety of companies were exhibiting.

Our Chief Disruption Officer Erik Norman led us through the day and had many interesting conversations with people from all kinds of industries giving us a sneak peak into their industry’s future. And of course a great Chip’n’Beer afterwork to wrap it all up.


The future of food

The first conversation of the day Eirik Norman sat down with Sissel Rønning who is a food scientist at Nofima, Agnes Orkland who is marketing manager for plant-based at Orkla and Stine Norum who is CEO and co-founder of Foodful. They talked about the future of food and how we need to meet the challenges we face when it comes to the environment and the growing population. So what does the future look like? More and better plant-based food and 3D printed food might be the new normal in the future.

The future of connectivity

Next on stage Norman talked with Henning Huuse, business developer from Telia and Catharina Frostad, CSO and co-founder from Clean Sea Solutions and Gate to the Arctic talked about the future of connectivity. A lot has happened over the last few years when it comes to connectivity, and being connected on all our devices whenever or wherever we want is something we expect. Moving into an even more connected world, we need to do it in a way that creates value, either for business, private use, science or education.

The future of realities

Third on stage we had Magnus Arveng, CEO and co-founder of Ntention and Lars Vågnes who is CTO of Yatek to talk about the future of realities and how it enables us as consumers to live, work and communicate easier. The technology is developing fast in VR, AR, XR etc and so is the user area. AR in education is amongst one of the next big things we might see a lot more of in the future.

The future of fintech

Next we had Thuc Hoang, CEO of Firi, Stefan Astroza, CEO of Cicero Consulting and Niklas Sanqvist, VP Stakeholders relations at Aera who talked about the future of technology within finance. Since the early 2000s the financial industry and banking have gone through an enormous transformation and we got some interesting input on what the future might hold in this area.

The future of blockchain and metaverse

Aleksander Larsen, COO and co-founder, Axie Infinity and Sky Mavis and Sophia Adampour, CEO of Verse Gallery joined us on stage to talk about the future of blockchain and metaverse and how this technology will develop.

The future of subdermal chip implants

Chief Disruption Officer of Epicenter Stockholm, Hannes Sapiens Sjöblad and Chief Disruption Officer of Epicenter Oslo Eirik Norman talked about the future of wearables, and Hannes shared his knowledge about how chip implants can be used for something productive in the future such as measuring body temperature.

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