Jan 4, 2022

Happy new year!

2021 has been a rollercoaster for most of us in terms of Covid restrictions and trying to adjust to a weird version of reality. Although we have been through lockdowns, openings – and now another lockdown – we have still achieved amazing things here at Epicenter.

We are proud to see our members doing great things even whilst facing difficult times. The synergies on the house have still made an impact, new members have moved in, old ones have stayed with us and participated in keeping Epicenter a great place to be and a great place to work.

The Epicenter team has grown, and we are prepared for a new year filled with adventures and happenings that will strengthen the community and keep facilitating for our members’ growth. We have hosted amazing events in 2021, such as Chip’n’Beer, Scale-up Summit, Nordic Scalers, Pitch the Community, Fuckup Night, Leader Network and roundtable breakfasts – to name some. We are optimistic about the year to come and are willing to bet it will be our greatest year yet!

We are, however facing uncertain times, not knowing how long we will have to deal with the current restrictions, but we know we will make the most of it no matter what happens.

In the meantime, remember: We are rooting for all of you!

Here’s to 2022!

Yours truly,
Epicenter Team

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