The Epicenter team is happy to welocome Apphuset to the community!

Apphuset is a Norwegian company that specializes in software and service design and development, as well as cloud solutions for companies looking to transform. They now have more than 115 talents within digital consultancy, design and development – and, of course, they are a valued member of the Epicenter community. 

We had a talk with their Chief Commercial Officer, Endre Soltvedt Brakstad, who shared some really interesting insights on how Apphuset work with innovation and digital transformation:

So what’s the short version of Apphuset’s story? 

Apphuset was founded in Oslo back in 2010 and was one of the first native app design and development companies in Norway, helping enterprises with their mobile-first services. Today, the company has evolved into a trusted digital transformation partner for clients, providing high quality end-to-end design and software services for both enterprises and startups. 

What’s the biggest impact you have seen on both your customers and the industry you work in?

Technology has become more accessible and easier to understand for a broader group of companies as well as their customer base. Leveraging this technology to embolden a company’s objectives is more interesting than ever. We experience that a company wide, human centric digital approach is now at the core of our clients’ strategies.  

What challenges have you faced along the way, and what have you learned from them?

The biggest challenge is to identify the actual need of each client and then to be able to abstract it and break it down in pieces that all parties understand. A common understanding of the design- and development process and how an agile cooperationship is run effectively defines the success of the partnership and the services being delivered.

How does Apphuset work with innovation?

We give each and everyone in our team the freedom to think on their own and come up with creative and new solutions to solve a particular problem. This in combination with the actual product and visions of our clients create the perfect symbiose for innovation. By operating as an extension team to our clients’ own IT and innovation departments, we get to spend every day doing value creation within the digital consultancy. We adapt the outcome and way of moving forward to the core of our own business, and use that in the very next thing we do.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up, or past success stories you would like to share? 

We have embarked on several digital transformation engagements in historically conservative verticals. This yields outcomes that are not only exciting but important in our society’s overall taste and desire for innovation and technological advancement. Solutions that support different aspects of sustainability are front-and-center in many of our engagements now. Examples are

  • Raising awareness and preventing death through a modern approach to prevent atrial fibrillation (IoT/health tech)
  • Creation of an innovative and green ecosystem of products and services within the construction industry, facing the upcoming EU-regulations of a emission free sites
  • Development of autonomous digital solutions in the drilling industry to increase effectivity and reduce emission within the oil and gas industry

Why did Apphuset choose Epicenter?

We were impressed by Epicenter’s eagerness to create a successful collective and welcoming community. They chase the next success story among their members, and encourage the community to engage in the potential synergies the companies at Epicenter might have. 

Read more about Apphuset on their website (in Norwegian).

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