Oct 22, 2021

Meet our members: Bonzer AS

Bonzer is a Danish digital marketing agency, focusing solely on search engine optimization (SEO). They recently expanded their business to both Sweden and Norway and is now a member of both Epicenter Oslo and Stockholm. We had a talk with their Market Development Director, Karolina Thor, to get to know Bonzer, their story and ambitions.

How and why was Bonzer founded? What problems or challenges did you see in the world that you wanted to solve? 

“Bonzer was founded in Copenhagen 2017 by our CEO Ulrich Svarrer. In the early stages, we learned what had the biggest impact for our clients and made the decision to be the absolute most value creating company within SEO out there. We pride ourselves with being specialists and the best at what we do”, Karolina says.

So tell us about your expansion journey! 

“After experiencing demand and growth in our Norwegian client base, we decided to have a closer look at the Norwegian market. After expanding to Sweden in the beginning of 2021, it was clear that Norway was our next and third market and we therefore opened our local office in Oslo in August this summer. Today we are a team consisting of almost 60 people spread over our offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo.” 

Karolina Thor continues:

“We are and will continue re-defining the role SEO has in companies’ marketing strategy. It is clear that companies are tired of spending their whole budgets on paid ads and what we call “rented traffic” and are looking for longterm and sustainable growth.” 

What challenges have you faced along your journey and what are your biggest learnings?

“The Norwegian market has been very exciting for us to enter for several reasons. One of them being the current state of the SEO market and how we differentiate our product. As we are close to 60 people in total at Bonzer, we not only have been able to develop deep knowledge and experience, but also have the ability to constantly innovate and be one step ahead. What we have seen in Norway is that there has truly been a gap in the market for a more innovative SEO solution, which has resulted in us being welcomed in Norway with open arms”, Karolina explains.

How do you work with innovation within your organization at large?

“We have a very decentralized approach to innovation. Everyone in Bonzer is exposed to situations that spark ideas and thoughts on how we can optimize our product and workflows. It’s a crucial part of our values that everyone have the same possibility to bring an idea to life and therefore facilitate internal forums dedicated to knowledge sharing and optimization” 

Why did you choose to become a member at Epicenter?

“We actually found Epicenter when we launched in Stockholm earlier this year. It’s important for us that everybody in Bonzer daily finds themselves in an environment that boosts their creativity and motivation. Epicenter makes it possible for us to daily interact with other passionate teams and learn from each other”. 

Read more about Bonzer on their website (in Norwegian).

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