Jun 16, 2020

Revealed: the secrets of successful virtual events

picture of fia nordin producing virtual events in the epicenter studio

Just two weeks after COVID-19 turned conference spaces the world over into ghost-towns, Epicenter Studio was welcoming delegates across the globe to hugely engaging digital events, live-streamed from the heart of Stockholm. Our own Head of Brand Experience Fia Nordin reveals how it’s done – and what digital events can do for you.

As anyone who’s ever run a Zoom presentation will confirm, capturing attention through screens is tough.

So how do you captivate hundreds of online WFH delegates for an entire day (or even longer), smashing attendance rates, generating unprecedented interaction and wildly positive feedback? You engage the Epicenter Studio, of course.

Virtual events. Very real impact.

Up and running with remarkable speed after COVID-19 first hit, Epicenter Studio exists to create hugely impactful events – digitally.

It’s a simple concept. Yet making it happen takes a very specialised skill set. “Digital is a completely different experience. It needs to be planned and produced in a completely different way” says Fia Nordin, the enigmatic driving force behind Epicenter Studio.

So, what are the key challenges in creating a digital event with impact?

The No.1 mistake (and how to avoid it)

According to the Epicenter Studio team, the biggest misconception is that you can take a physical event format and replicate it online. “It just doesn’t work,” Fia reports.

Instead, everything from formats and timings to content, pace and presentation style needs to be optimised for digital delivery.
That obsession for detail is what’s delighting clients including Microsoft, Oracle, TietroEVRY, Rookie StartUps, AI Sustainability Center, MKTG and the European Commission.

After such positive experiences in the Epicenter Studio, these brands are already wondering if they’ll ever return to the old way of working. And that’s the big question right there: will digital replace physical for ever?

Surety in the uncertainty

Will we ever fika in a conference centre foyer again? Right now, no-one knows. But one thing’s for sure. Epicenter Studio prepares you for every eventuality.

With space for 150-200 attendees in the studio, your digital event can seamlessly transform into a hybrid digital-plus-audience happening. Even at the last minute. “That’s our USP,” says Fia. “Why book a studio and a Plan B physical conference room when you can book Epicenter Studio and decide later which format to choose?”

Steal the digital edge

Necessity made events go digital. Efficiency, value for money, increased measurability and sustainability make a strong case for keeping them that way.

Take the challenge of prolonging your event’s effect. Today’s digital platforms create content-rich, interactive opportunities to engage with audiences before, during and even after the show. All intricately measurable for the most in-depth ROI imaginable. And yes, a lead generation analysis is part of the deal too.

Then there’s value. Without flights weighing down costs and consciences, world-class speakers are now surprisingly affordable. Pre-recorded content, digital hubs and live link-ups make it more than possible to engage the biggest talent on even modest budgets.

Lastly, let’s not forget speed. Need a 300+ delegate event in three weeks’ time? No problem. The proactive Epicenter Studio team can make it happen.

3 tips for sure-fire success

Epicenter Studio is a full-service offering. From hiccup-free tech right down to invaluable speaker coaching, everything is taken care of.

“It’s far easier to wander away from a screen than sneak out of a conference room,” Fia points out. “We work really hard with your speakers and moderators to achieve stellar performances that keep audiences hooked. Being on-stage and delivering on-screen are very different things.”

However, there are plenty of ways to prep for success; here are just three that Fia and her team recommend considering to get you started with your virtual event:

1: Know what you’re doing and why

Dig deep into the purpose of your event. What do you need to achieve? Who’s it really for? Why are you having it now?

2: Know your audience

Who’s your audience? Where are their minds at? What do you need to tell them? Why should they listen?

3: Know how to tell your story

What’s the most powerful way to get your story across? What will really resonate – and why?

So, will yours be the business that cancels yet another event? Or will you dare to do it digitally? Be bold! Let the Epicenter Studio team guide you. You couldn’t be in more capable or more inspiring hands. Make sure to send your virtual event request using this link, or contact the Epicenter Studio Team directly at event@epicenterstockholm.com

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