Advisory & Acceleration

Being innovative, forward thinking and focusing on the right things is a difficult task. Our advisory helps founders and corporate leaders succeed. Since 1999 we have been doing just that – helping scaleups grow and helping corporate leaders and innovators test and scale innovations faster. We believe we do this better since we are a team of entrepreneurs who have battle scars from our journeys of creating and scaling innovations. The network and community we have also allows us to extend the core team with experts that can help solve most of your challenges. Whether you're an established corporation or a fast-growing scaleup, join the likes of SEB, Stronghold, Readly & others and let us support you move towards continuous innovation.


Our track record since 1999. 30+ ventures started, 500+ scaleups helped grow and 150+ corporate teams helped innovate.


Our Ecosystem

Epicenter is a vibrant ecosystem of innovators, scale-ups and corporates with their heart in digital innovation. We have a firm believe that some challenges are best solved together and not alone. When a significant challenge arises, we create a temporary or permanent new ecosystem to address the needs  of our partners. Join us.


Set a Strong Scaleup Strategy

Zoom out and get a holistic view and plan for the next important phase of your company. We work with you to align founders and management around the strategy.


Get New Perspectives

Are you stuck, not growing fast enough? Get insightful perspectives from proven entrepreneurs to complement your board and management team. As board members, coaches and team members, we give new and complementary perspectives to your company.


Solve Key Scaleup Challenges

Be it organizational structure, raising capital, increasing top line growth or internationalization; get hands on help. We identify and structure the challenge with you and develop a plan for getting you across the finish line. Sometimes, when needed & desired, we step in and work with you to help you reach the goal.


Epicenter Accelerate – Where startups becomes scaleups

Innovation with impact happens when there is an attitude, supported by a vision and a clear strategy. At Epicenter Stockholm we focus on building an ecosystem to get the best conditions for both large corps, scaleups and startups to innovate with impact alongside each other. We believe that a key component of doing so is to dare to provide support and help for startups without a clear path or, even a set strategy, for how to build a commercial business on them. We are convinced that if you have a mindset of helping them on their conditions, and the patience to see what comes out on the other side, that is the best way to support a startup and create ”innovation with impact”. We call it Unconditional Love, and try to look at it almost like parenthood, the more you give the more you get. In order to do so we partner up with organizations with an equal mindset, to really make a different for selected startups in our various Accelerate programs. Microsoft for Startups & K-Startup Center is two of our bespoke partners within Epicenter Accelerate.


Epicenter Accelerate + Microsoft for Startups

We are extremely happy and proud that we partnered up with Microsoft for Startups. They truly share our vision of providing support and unconditional love for startups. Our combined efforts aims to move the needle for participating startups, providing them with direct access to a world of future business, namely customers. This is where Epicenter Accelerate & Microsoft for Startups comes in. We ́ve designed a program to support the growth of startups, especially within B2B, including one-on-one engagement with advisors from Microsoft (both locally and globally), getting the teams to become ”co- sell-ready” with in the world of Microsoft.


Epicenter Accelerate + K-Startup Center

Sweden and South Korea celebrated 60 years of diplomatic and commercial relations during 2019. With that as a starting point, Epicenter partnered up with the KISED and K-Startup Center, a South Korean Governmental funded organisation within the domains of the Korean Startup Minister, Park Young-sun. We are really proud to be an objective partner to help Korean tech startups to grow faster globally, and we are happy to say that we already have supported more than 20+ Korean startups, with Stockholm and Epicenter as a springboard to do so. More than 10 startups have participated in the program, with even more teams to come during 2021.


Inspiration Workshops

Get your leadership teams aligned, inspire your managers, kick start or catalyze your digital innovation roadmap in an entrepreneurial manner. Workshops & management meetings are designed to drive towards the agreed outcome.


Sounding Board & Coaching

Find a sparring partner to take you beyond your normal universe or support a colleague in becoming more entrepreneurial and innovative. Sometimes it is good to have someone to talk to who also has the experience and know-how, that can be a sounding board and with whom you can test your ideas.


Business Blueprint

Our blueprint process goes deeper to help you resolve a special challenge, review an existing initiative or set the direction for your innovation execution. We help management and leadership teams align towards clear business outcomes, and help create structures for you to execute. Typically lasting up to 10 weeks, the blueprint gives you clarity on the ”why”, “what” and “how”.


Company Building & Ventures

We build new ventures with our partners. We do this either with hybrid teams of intrapreneurs and us, or purely with our network of founders. We ideate, test and then co-invest based on a joint vision. While our customers typically offer IP, insights, market knowledge & act as the first customer for the venture, we add the team and support the growth of the entity as active co-founders.


Accelerators & Programs

Intrapreneur Accelerators: Create a digital mindset, prioritize better and get innovations that can be integrated into the business or spun out. Partner Matchmaking: Find new business models or technology startups for you to run pilots with based on your objectives and challenges. We help create structures to break the corporate immune system and coach the pilot teams. Customer Co-Creation: Get closer to your key customers and build a joint innovation roadmap that creates differentiation and new revenues for you. We can facilitate customer workshops, run tailor-made sprints and support your colleagues.


The Team

Providing hands-on entrepreneur experience from building business and ventures, the team is here to help with your challenges.

Edgar Luczak, Head of Epicenter Advisory & Acceleration

I love putting strategy into execution. My passion is combining the entrepreneurial drive with consulting structure, applying company assets to create value. Connect with me at edgar@epicenterstockholm.com 

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