Nov 27, 2020

Are we Out Of the Office in Stockholm for good?

image of office in stockholm Are we out of of the office in Stockholm for good? That’s what we asked our AMF Fastigheter CEO Mats Hederos and Epicenter CEO and Co-Founder and Patrick Mesterton. Their insight – as always – is definitely worth reading. Few realise the relationship between space and success better than Mats Hederos and Patrick Mesterton. Mats, as CEO of AMF Fastigheter, has been working with commer...
Nov 4, 2020

The future of work

image of epicenter - the future of work We are living in extraordinary times. The way we live, work and do business is being disrupted. Working from home has proven itself to be efficient. BUT – does that really mean that employees want to spend all of their working life at home? Let’s find out! We asked 200 of our members within our tech savvy business environment around the topic of the future of work. Now that a majority ha...
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