Jun 30, 2020

Epicenter chosen as partner and base for a new Korea Startup Center

korea startup center at epicenter The diplomatic relations between Sweden and Korea goes back more than 60 years. This relationship is now entering a new era by establishing the Korea Startup Center (K-Startup Center Stockholm) on Swedish grounds. As Stockholm’s first House of Digital Innovation, Epicenter is partnering up with the most innovative country in the world. What a match made in heaven! Thrilled to take on some of ...
Mar 20, 2020

How to survive Corona as a startup

how to survive corona as a startup The outbreak of the Coronavirus has not exactly been good news for startup companies across the world. These are difficult times and the upcoming weeks and months will tell us more about which businesses will make it. Many startups find themselves in the midst of a defining moment and what they choose to do, or not do will have a huge impact on their future. Within the Epicenter community,...
Mar 10, 2020

Epicenter Accelerate and Microsoft for Startups

epicenter accelerate and microsoft for startups Looking on an international level, Sweden's power to innovate is known to be very strong. Go Sweden! At Epicenter Stockholm, we're very happy to be part of driving the innovation forward. You might also wonder what we do in connection to this? Well, we do a lot. And one part is running an accelerator program for startups. We have also just taken this program to the next level by initiating a c...
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