Jan 25, 2022

5 reasons to ditch traditional office structures

Would you encourage your team to network, learn new things and be the best version of themselves? Our guess is YES. Although this is what most employers want to offer their employees, they are often located in traditional offices in traditional office buildings where, frankly, innovation (and in turn – growth) is a hard nut to crack. Being in the same office, interacting with the same people,...
Jan 17, 2022

Meet our Members: VOLI

VOLI is a company passionate about challenging beliefs and making ideas fly! They are specialists at integrating new technology with classic business systems, and a new member of the Epicenter Community. We had a chat with their Oslo representative and Partner, Bjørn Tore Aurlien to get a better understanding of what VOLI is all about and their ambitions for the future:  Can you give u...
Jan 4, 2022

Happy new year!

2021 has been a rollercoaster for most of us in terms of Covid restrictions and trying to adjust to a weird version of reality. Although we have been through lockdowns, openings – and now another lockdown – we have still achieved amazing things here at Epicenter. We are proud to see our members doing great things even whilst facing difficult times. The synergies on the house have still mad...
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