Apr 29, 2021

Brand suitability can increase the effect of advertising by 750%!

The argument for behavioral advertising is that you as an advertiser can reach the target audience at all times. Regardless of what kind of article or website the person visits when the ad is displayed. With contextual advertising in Kobler, no personal data is collected, ads are displayed here based solely on the content of the article where the ad is displayed. What really works best? ...
Apr 6, 2021

Making better business decisions with big data!

Data is a valuable resource that all businesses must tap into. What was once a seemingly abstract concept used only in software development textbooks has now become a sort of secondary currency in the world of business. Every interaction, communication with the client, service package, strategy, business plan, etc. add up to important data for analysis. Sannsyn is a global leader in Data En...
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