february, 2023

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Welcome to a fruitful morning where you will learn from the international speakers Anders Hvid and Louise Opprud Jakobsen! 

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Neuroscience, creativity & work design

  • Speaker Louise Opprud Jakobsen 

Valuable work will in the future only demand more originality, innovation, and creativity of us. The projects we do are becoming increasingly complex and cognitively demanding and require our ingenious and wicket thinking. So, how do we design our workdays and workweeks from a brain perspective, to foster way more creative thinking? And what has your happiness to do with a 300% boost in innovation? 

If Nature Were to Build a Business

  • Anders Hvid

We are in the most significant transformation of humanity ever experienced in a single generation. To be able to build a better world, we need the ability to imaging a different future for humanity. Lucky for us, we have the most powerful technology available to humans. But until now, technology has done nothing but make the problems worse. In his talk, Anders will show how we can learn from nature when we seek to apply new technology to build sustainable solutions for a greener future. 



About Louise:

She is the former Creative Lead of Innovation Lab, one of Scandinavia’s first innovation think tanks. Today she works with a global horizontal outlook, experiences from front-running companies and pioneers, and the tools needed to revamp existing realities.

Louise Opprud Jakobsen is an international keynote speaker a has spent the last 12 years interviewing and visiting more than 500 key profiles, researchers, and front-end innovators at Spotify, Pixar, the Moonshot factory at Google, LEGO Ventures, Stanford University, Airbnb, NASA and many more to get deep insights into new ways of working and research-based strategies for creative performance.

About Anders:

Anders Hvid is an honest rebel looking to create disruptive change where it is needed.

Anders is a co-founder and partner in DareDisrupt, a Copenhagen-based Think Tank, and advisor on how disruptive changes from emerging technologies will create new opportunities for business in all sectors. He is also the co-founder of Founders of Tomorrow, an impact boot camp that, over the past nine years, has educated 500+ changemakers in impact entrepreneurship and emerging technologies. 

He is the author of the best-selling book Face the Future, about the impact of exponential technologies. He was a faculty member, speaker, and Danish ambassador for Singularity University for seven years.


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(Tuesday) 08:00 - 09:00 CEST


Disruption Hall

Mäster Samuelsgatan 36



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