Corporate Innovation Labs

Being innovative, forward thinking and focus on the right things is difficult. Together with our friends from Result we support corporates with clear strategies on how to innovate with impact. Join the likes of SEB and Stronghold and let us support you move towards continuous innovation.


Platform for growth (& success)

Corporate Innovation Lab Case Study: SEB started their innovation lab with three main objectives in mind: a) Enable better prioritization within their roadmaps b) Create new innovations in line with their strategy c) Create a new culture of intrapreneurs with an upgraded mindset and a toolbox of testing and rapid prototyping to take more projects into the organization. Almost four years and 2,000 people later, SEB has an internal foundation that has generated not just value in new innovations but in talent acquisition, retention and the speed of deployment that is world class.


Need to innovate and grow?

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in running a Corporate Innovation Lab with us. Let's discuss which type of lab would be suitable for you. Are you interested in running a Corporate Innovation Lab with us? Need help combining creative ideas with viable business models? Want to solve real problems with local knowledge? Or do you wish to create a sustainable and growing company? Wherever you are in your business life, you need to stay ahead of the curve. Epicenter is your unique access point to the best growth and innovation programs available. Innovation with impact happens when there is an attitude, supported by a vision and a clear strategy. Whether it’s a corporate innovation workshop or a growth sprint for a scaleup or acceleration program for a startup you can gain that here at Epicenter. Corporates, scale-ups or startups - we have the perfect growth programs for you.


Scale-up with success

We want to help you execute success and through our business network, we can do just that. Together with partner company Result, an international network of entrepreneurs who act as business coaches, we offer many programs to help you scale up with success. Want clarity in your strategies going forward? Join a Coaching Sprint to get the perspective of entrepreneurs. Want support scaling? Take part in a Scaleup lab to learn best practices and pitfalls to avoid when scaling.


What type of scale-up programs?

Result are leading growth experts who act as coaches and a sounding board to help you fulfill your company’s true potential. They have many different types of scaleup programs to help you grow. Connecting with Result along with Epicenter, who have extensive knowledge in building companies designed to create innovation with impact, you will have no trouble innovating and growing beyond what you imagined. Check out our partner Result's website for more details.


Want to grow?

Reach out to us today and discuss exactly what scaleup program would suit you and your company the best. As a community of digital companies, we have vast experience of the industry. We know how to help so don’t be afraid to ask.


Hackathon & Innovation Workshop

At Epicenter, we think up solutions to problems. We bring together some of the brightest minds to form idea teams to collaboratively produce a unique solution to a problem. Our people hack the unhackable and solve the unsolvable. A Hackathon involves a team collaborating intensively to solve a specific problem. Want to build a new data visualization, write a document, or collaboratively investigate a problem? Then a Hackathon is for you! An Ideathon is a brainstorming event - it tears down mental barriers and generates ideas. It can be anything from how to gain the customer's attention to coming up with the next revolutionary feature of your product. These are clarion calls to do better, to do more and impact lives.


Let's collaborate!

Have a problem you can't get past? Let's have a Hackathon or Ideathon with your organization to solve the problem that's holding you back! Reach out to us and request a HACKATHON or IDEATHON.

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