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A Year of Innovation and Collaboration

As we finalize 2023, and get ready for 2024, we reflect on a year filled with groundbreaking events, innovative initiatives, and collaborative efforts across our three houses located in Stockholm, Helsinki, and Oslo. Let’s take a moment to revisit and celebrate this year’s highlights.


Oslo: Embracing the Future of AI, Workspace, and Talent attraction


World Future Day – The future of AI
Epicenter Oslo did their second edition of World Future Day on the 1st of March, a celebration focused on the future of AI. With three tracks, the event provided insights into the impact of AI on society, sustainability, and individuals. Notable speakers, including Chief Disruption Officer Eirik Norman Hansen and AI expert Morten Goodwin, engaged the audience in exploring the opportunities and challenges that AI presents.


Future Workspace Report and Summit
In May, Epicenter Oslo, in collaboration with Entra, unveiled the Future Workspace report. The report, based on the survey of 1000 office workers in the greater Oslo region, delved into the influence of workspace on a company’s innovation game, creative processes, and the dynamics of working digitally versus physically.


Talent Smash
Epicenter Oslo concluded the year with Talent Smash, a collaborative effort with Oslo Business Region, Oslopolitan, Oslo kommune, and Ungt Entreprenørskap. This week-long event aimed to address Norway’s tech talent gap, especially focusing on solutions for international talents and the future workforce.


Stockholm: Pioneering Innovation in Retail, Longevity, Foodtech and Beyond

Unveiling new clusters 

Are you familiar with Good Food House and Swedish Longevity Cluster? These represent our latest clusters, showcasing numerous highlights in 2023, including a successful launch, engaging pitch nights, and thought-provoking discussions. We also witnessed an exciting renovation at Epicenter Store, a new report from REDI.city and great news from Epicenter Accelerate: such as an extended partnership with Singapore ESG.

On top of this, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll launch another cluster very soon… Stay tuned. 

About our clusters: At Epicenter we believe that we reach more impact when we collaborate within and across industries, businesses, and even between competitors. With our clusters we are part of gathering companies and individuals around a common challenge or question that we innovate around together.

Introducing Elements Stockholm 

At this year’s SIME, Epicenter founders Patrick Mesterton and Ola Ahlvarsson announced their new project with AMF Fastigheter: Elements Stockholm. This greenhouse for innovation, collaboration and sustainability will open March 2024. 

Surviving & Thriving the AI Wave

To step beyond the fog of hype and hysteria, like one of the speakers Elin Hauge said, we finished off 2023 with the Epicenter AI Summit. A lineup of influential speakers shared insights and strategies on thriving amidst AI’s advancements. Their talks provided tangible takeaways, offering practical methods and actionable knowledge to harness the potential of AI for sustained growth and innovation. On stage: experts from Google Cloud, Devoteam Cloud, Volvo Cars, Adobe, Verses, Saluto, Barncancerfonden, UN Women Sweden, Potter Clarkson and AFRY.


Helsinki: Bridging Technology and Creativity


Epicenter Pulse Series and ScaleUp Pulse Study
Helsinki introduced the Epicenter Pulse series, providing a platform for entrepreneurs to engage with political and governmental decision-makers. The ScaleUp Pulse study, released in the autumn, furthered Epicenter’s commitment to insightful conversations and research within the entrepreneurial community.


World Creativity and Innovation Day 2023 – DiscoTech
Helsinki showcased the intersection of technology and vibrant entertainment with the DiscoTech event on World Creativity and Innovation Day. The event featured informative panels, an expo highlighting innovations, and a dazzling party, embodying Epicenter Helsinki’s commitment to fostering a dynamic community.


AI Week
Epicenter Helsinki’s AI Week was a groundbreaking event that explored the multifaceted world of artificial intelligence. With sessions on practical applications, AI for humanity, and a leader’s guide to AI, the week highlighted the transformative potential of AI across various domains.


SLUSH- Group Lead Event
Collaborating with SLUSH, Epicenter Helsinki hosted the Group Lead onboarding event, setting the stage for an extraordinary SLUSH experience. Talks from experienced onboarding leads and former volunteers provided valuable insights for the new SLUSH team members.


In summary, 2023 has been a year of growth, collaboration, and innovation for Epicenter across Stockholm, Helsinki, and Oslo. As we look forward to 2024, we anticipate building on these successes and continuing to be at the forefront of technological and entrepreneurial advancements.

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