Events Done Right – Your checklist for a successful event

Are you planning an event? Planning an event can seem overwhelming at times. Especially if it’s your first time. We do it all the time, both for our community as well as for our event customers, and know that it can be complex. However, with the right process and plan it gets a lot easier. To make your life easier throughout the process, we have put together a complete checklist that allows you to make that vision come to life. In this playbook you will find everything you need to remember and get done to call your event a success!

Events as a Tool for Business Growth

‘Event’ is a broad term in which you’ll discover there are plenty of formats to choose from, as well as a lot of different ways to execute an event. This playbook will provide you with the tools to define your event, choose the right format and execution based on your needs, goals and target group.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to events, and we know that it sometimes feels overwhelming to get started. Maybe especially because, let’s be honest, hosting an event is hard and at the end of the day it can be expensive. But the fact is that events are also an incredible way to strengthen your company’s position and fuel your growth.

Five Companies Disrupting the Retail Industry

A glance at Smart Retail Experiments.


In a world where digital is disrupting consumers’ way of acting and thinking, retailers have an opportunity to adapt to change in order to optimize their physical and virtual sales.
Despite the recent pandemic which impacted world retail activities since 2020, the Swedish industry stood strong. A 2022 Statista study showed the country’s slight growth in total annual retail sales. From the digital transformation to the recent challenges related to the worldwide pandemic, the future is unpredictable – so are the retail experts & trends defining the industry of tomorrow.

Download to read Trend Analysis by Epicenter introducing Smart retail Experiments done recently by five disrupting companies.

The Workspace as a Tool for Business Growth

How and why you should use the workspace to fuel your company’s growth.

Epicenter was founded in 2015 on the very idea that there was a need for a physical place where innovative and fast growing companies could come together to collaborate and innovate. Together with our more than 500 member companies we have learned how, and why, the workspace should be a crucial part of a company’s growth strategy. The workspace plays a fundamental role in recruiting, in building an innovative culture, and in order to grow fast the cost of the workspace needs to be easily adjusted to fit your revenue targets.

In this guide you’ll learn directly from our team at Epicenter who on a daily basis run a workspace of the future.

Building an Innovation Strategy for High Growth

A guide for corporate innovation & growth.

Innovation strategy is a broad term that captures many things which is also why we in this guide try to show different examples on how to work practically with innovation strategy and the results you can achieve from that. But we also want to give you an introduction to the broader, overall topic.

In the playbook you’ll find an introduction piece on how to think when mapping out an innovation strategy as well as an interview with our Head of Advisory, Edgar Luczak who has many years of experience in helping companies with building a more innovative culture and solving strategic challenges for growth.