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Participant startups are also invited to work at Epicenter Stockholm, get access to tailored coaching, active matchmaking, personal intros to investors, scale internationally and much more. And guess what, it’s all for free! Applications to participate in Spring 2020 is now closed. But no worries - let us know you are interested in participating in Epicenter Accelerate Program, Fall 2020 batch - Enhanced with the help from our friends at Microsoft for Startups.

10 week program to accelerate your growth - for free!

A 10 week structured program that takes place two times a year (Spring & Autumn). Selected startups per batch that are provided with ”Unfair Advantages” to reach commercial success! That means a combination of things, some examples are:

  • Space
  • Coaching & Mentorship
  • Service & Functions (like legal, marketing etc)
  • Active matchmaking to other Epicenter members
  • Personal intros to investors
  • A red carpet to role out internationally

And the best part of all, we won’t charge you, we won’t demand equity, we won’t even demand that you promise to become Epicenter members after the program is ended. The only thing we ask you to do is to be really committed to the program, as it will demand your full attention for a few weeks. The more energy you put in to the program, the more will come out on the other side.

Microsoft for Startups - adds a dimension to the startup program

Microsoft for Startups ads another dimension to Epicenter Accelerate. Microsoft supports the growth of startups within a partner community through one-on-one engagement with advisors from Microsoft (both locally and globally), plus one-to-many sessions. Curious about how the Microsoft Advisors ads dimension?

  • Startups will be matched with a dedicated Microsoft Startup Advisor based on their need and the expertise the advisor brings to the table
  • Startups and advisors will meet in person/online every two weeks.
  • Startups will get access to experts and resources from Microsoft, that aren’t available for just anyone out there.

None of the above is accessible for others to “buy”, it’s only available through this program!

Who can apply to Epicenter Accelerate?

Typical phase for startups to become a part of our program is normally:

  • Post “Seed funding”
  • On their way to “Series A”

Right now we primarily look for startups within these industries/areas:

  • FinTech
  • MedTech & Health
  • Media & Communication
  • IoT
  • FoodTech
  • AI

But Epicenter is a dynamic ecosystem that constantly changes in a tremendous pace, so we really encourage everyone to apply, even if you don’t fit the exact formula as of above.

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