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A Clear New Year: Thought leaders on precision nutrition and biohacking

Precision nutrition is a new trend in personalized nutrition and dietary science. By measuring your own body’s response to your diet you can find out what foods, drinks and supplements give you sustained energy throughout the day, helps you to control your weight and helps you to prevent chronic diseases.

In 2019 Clear Health launched a revolutionary 3 week program on precision nutrition.

During the Clear New Year event you will

  • Learn about precision nutrition and healthy lifestyles
  • Meet the specialists behind our (new) programs
  • Celebrate that Clear has passed its milestone of 250 participants

This new year’s gathering is for:

  • everybody who wants to know about precision nutrition and other biohacks
  • all members of Epicenter who are curious to find out about healthtech startups
  • all future- and past-participants of Clear who want to find out about our special programs

The line up for Clear New Year

  • Yoeri Leeflang– 3 FM radio presenter and Clear participant
    • How did you experience Clear and other biohacks and how did it help you to perform during your night shows?
  • Peter Joosten– biohacker and futurist
    • What will the coming years look like for (extreme) biohackers and for normal people (like us)?
  • Madelon – head of biosciences @Clear
    • What is precision nutrition exactly and why is that important?
  • Maureen – ex top athlete and weight coach
    • What are the fundamentals behind successful weight loss programs and how does personalized nutrition help?
  • Gabi – specialist on womens health
    • Why is women’s metabolism different? What happens during cycle and menopause? How can you diet help?
  • Lucas – ex top athlete and sleep coach
    • How do diet, lifestyle and rhythm interact to help you sleep better? Bow does a personalized diet help?
  • Annemarie – general practitioner and specialist mind-body medicine
    • What is mind and body medicine exactly? What new insights does that give in preventing stress? What will your Clear program look like?
  • Jim – program manager @Clear and keto specialist
    • Why should people do ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting? What are the benefits? What is personal about it? What will you do in Clear’s keto-special?

Be quick!

The first 25 subscribers receive a free copy of Peter Joosten book Biohacking, de toekomst van de maakbare mens (in Dutch).


(Wednesday) 17:30 - 19:00


Cuddle Puddle, Epicenter Amsterdam

Fred. Roeskestraat 115, 1076 EE Amsterdam



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