Our members from Cloud Integrate shared great tips and tools while working from home with us. As a Salesforce consultancy company, they are used to work remotely.

Pick your tools
Using a conference tool such as Zoom or Google Meet are now a part of daily routine. In a call with multiple stakeholders, you need to make sure that everyone is familiar with the basic functions (mute, camera, chat, share screen) so the call goes smoother. Keeping the camera on is a good way to have a better engagement with participants. On top of this, in the context of the lockdown, these tool providers are rushing to offer more and more functionalities and making them more affordable or even free! Another plus: you can also use them to connect with friends and family and organize remote catch-ups after work!

Stay in touch with people!

Maintain a good work/life balance
When work happens in the same space as other activities and the opportunities to leave home are limited, it’s important to create a healthy balance. Depending on your energy patterns, perhaps starting work later or finding time during the day for other activities can be helpful. Do make sure to find dedicated time for your social activities and to stay in touch with the people who are important to you. There are also concerts and meetups (check out upcoming virtual events for Salesforce community here).

Keep yourself up-to-date and adapt
As we’re working from home now, we may be organizing our days around different schedules. It’s important to adapt to changes in the business. It’s particularly true for those of us who are experiencing cancellations due to the unforeseen situation, postponed activities and so on. While a vast majority of activities and projects can be cleverly adapted to virtual exchanges, some of them cannot and it is important that you take the time and resources it has freed, on to another project or taking the time to look into re-organizing your work operations to be more efficient.

Keep on learning and develop new skills

It can also be a great time to dedicate to learning and developing your skill set. In the Cloud Integrate team, members are encouraged at all levels to keep up with continuous learning. And find it crucial to remain engaged and up-to-date. As Salesforce partners they are obviously very much used to using Trailhead, and a variety of other online training and e-learning platforms are also available and blooming with new offers to help people find new interests and remain engaged with their work life.

Make sure to regularly engage with the rest of the team
While finding ways to keep in touch with clients and partners, it’s more than ever an obvious step to keep the business running. We tend to forget that the same applies to the rest of the team. Stressing the sense of community. Allowing for all team members to have a sense of belonging is not only essential to the workflow. It’s also a source of motivation when working remotely. Organize and participate in team meetings at least once a wee. And make sure you keep track of what your teammates are up to!

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