september, 2020

10sep08:0009:30Live Event: Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence - What It Is, How to Make Use of It in Business, and What Possibilities Lie Ahead


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Join us for this Innovation Breakfast and learn how to get started with AI.  Speakers from Webstep, Spacemaker.ai and Maigon.ai will give us a hands-on talk on what AI really is, how you can get started and how you can use it to improve your business model – with everything from thinking greener, improving workflows and trusting machine learning.

About the speakers: 

  • Harriet Wright is an experienced advisor with a broad background in big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. She works at Webstep in Oslo and has a background from economics and technology. She enjoys focusing on delivering relevant and exciting projects for clients as well as adding knowledge about AI internally and externally. 
  • Sergii Shcherbak, CTO at Maigon, a Legal AI company. Software developer, qualified lawyer. LLM in Law and IT, Stockholm University. Built a document automation marketplace Manydox, sold it in 2019. Headed the legal AI development at a law firm Synch 2017-2019.
  • Anniken Hofgaard is a data scientist at Spacemaker AI, a tech startup launching a game-changing technology in one of the world’s least digitized industries – namely, the construction industry. As part of the Spacemaker team, Anniken is building a product for real estate developers and architects, leveraging AI methodologies and massive computing power to maximize the potential of any building site. Past consultant at McKinsey & Company, with an academic background in Optimization and Computer Science from NTNU and Harvard University.


Harriet will give you an introduction to AI and provide you with an easy to use roadmap for how to get started. What is it you should think about before starting an AI-project and what not to do?

Key learnings:

AI ladder, Roadmap for successful AI-projects

Sergii will talk about how AI rapidly is transforming the legal profession and legal work.

Key learnings: 

  • Most applications of AI in legal work are NLP-related, i.e. contract review.
  • AI document review tools are being adopted at a rapid pace by US and EU companies.
  • Key adoption benefits – faster workflows at a lower cost, with no compromise on accuracy.
  • We already have the technology to draft legal documents by AI (GPT 2).
  • Although the legal industry is very traditional, soon we will see the adoption of AI solutions as a must for law firms.

Anniken will give you insights on how to create more sustainable cities with data and AI.

For a city to be successful and sustainable, it must be well planned. Designing a site is an extremely complex multidimensional optimisation problem. Current best practice “guesswork” is failing to yield optimal solutions.

By using larger amounts of data and AI technology, architects and real estate developers can move beyond siloed and legacy waterfall development practices that limit their ability to explore a full suite of solutions and dynamically adapt to changes. This allows them to make the best decisions about how and what to build on their site.

Key learnings:

AI is more than technical solutions and black box magic. It requires processes and ways of working facilitating the technology. The best solutions are achieved when humans and machines are working together. 



(Thursday) 08:00 - 09:30


Epicenter Oslo

Edvard Storms gate 2

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