Concerns about the future of our planet and efforts to combat the impacts of global warming is on the rise. Various studies have found that the number of people alarmed and concerned about global climate change has multiplied especially in recent years. This situation has impacted, influenced, and created a greater concern for sustainability, especially in e-commerce, where some of our greatest conveniences are now being recognized for their heavy impact on the environment.

In this deep dive, the need for sustainability in e-commerce is a MUST and the need for your brand to adopt more sustainable practices to gain new audiences in the process is becoming imperative. 

How to market a sustainable brand? How to identify your best audience and how to sell?
Green Little Heart, a sustainable lifestyle universe based in Stockholm can help you.

What is Green Little Heart, exactly?

‘’Technically we’re a marketplace, like a digital mall – and we invite green, ethical, and sustainable brands to come and open a shop in our marketplace. We’re focusing on building an inspirational community where knowledge about sustainability is shared. On top of that, we mix lovely brands/products with consumers. We also support our Vendors/Brands with free of charge sustainability expertise to further help them to develop their sustainable journey. No one can be 100 % sustainable, so it is a journey and our saying is – No one can do everything – but everyone can do something. ‘’ – says Therese Lundquist, CEO & Founder, Green Little Heart.

Can anyone join Green Little Heart?

They have a high minimum entry point when it comes to the evaluation of how sustainable a brand is and where they need to be in order to fit in their Sustainable Lifestyle Universe.

Curiosity about learning which businesses and brands are embracing this is high. When asked about customers and their typology, the company executives explain :

‘’15 % of the consumers today can be labeled conscious consumers. From being early adopters – they are now growing in number and they lack one go-to place where they can feel secure about the selection of products that also have curated content which is what they are looking for – like what is the difference between Vegan and Cruelty-Free? What is Vegan Leather really? Also, we’re aiming at making Sustainable choices also fashionable choices – who said sustainable can’t be fashionable? Such a world has not been exciting up to now. ‘’

Green Little Heart wants to change how e-commerce is driven. They aim that the consumers start to understand the impact of their choices when interacting with brands/products and make conscious choices.

They currently are only online, but looking for physical space to utilize in an experiential way. 

Green Little Heart wants to see a major change towards a better world. 

‘’It is not enough that a few enlightened people are sustainable, we need the big mass to act more sustainably. That’s when the change will happen since many companies still only measure success by what’s on the last row – which means that the need for each individual to be more responsible is adamant. We like to think we can take an active part in this equation. That’s from the vertical of consumers. From the vertical of Vendors – when they see that conscious consumers are not interacting with their brand – they will start to change and become more sustainable. Also, we want to put more pressure on laws and legislation so that doing what we still are doing this day and age – will be prohibited.’’

They believe in the power of togetherness and invite collaboration. ‘’We also want to work with advocacy so the horrid facts behind especially many fashion companies can be altered. KPI’s are much more than economical terms – ethical, humane, and environmental facts must be added to the calculation of success. ‘’- says Therese.

In the journey of supporting brands to embrace change, they are innovating new ways to reach the customers, lift the sustainable small brands and their voices.

‘’We’re bringing a marketplace solution to the Nordics, here it’s still not very common – in China almost 100 % of the e-commerce business is executed through marketplaces. We all know Alibaba and of course Amazon. Here in our part of the world, still not so common. We’re changing that. Also, going forward we will work more with automation and live shopping ‘’.

Green Little Heart shares with us details of their next project:
‘’Going forward we will have our own Sustainability Emergency App and our own certification process plus much more exciting stuff.’’

They are still a small team that needs to grow, focused now on sustainable conversion optimization looking always for partnerships and collaborations. 

‘’We joined Epicenter community because we see there lots of interesting people and companies to network and socialize with. We like the variety of companies and have already paired up with several. ‘’ – say Michelene Lindblad, Assortment Director & Co-Founder, Green Little Heart.
For more details check out this link to get in touch with the team here.

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