Wanda was founded in 2019 in Oslo, Norway by five entrepreneurs with the goal of giving people in big cities easy, flexible, and affordable access to space. They want to help create sustainable cities which are easy to live in where you can use your living space for living, and look after and use your things in a smart way, reducing the material footprint from consumption.

Building a new kind of logistics company. 

More and more people want to settle in cities. But prices are high and space is limited. Paradoxically, space that could be used as storage is more empty than ever. Life requires space. This is where Wanda comes in. 

Wanda collects, stores and returns your belongings. Pick-up and drop-off takes place at your door. Storage is safe and insured. You also have full control and overview of your things through the platform.

“A home should be for those who live there, and valuable square feet do not necessarily have to be loaded with things you do not need right now,” says Emmy-Lou Ferreira Dos Santos, CEO Wanda Sweden, sitting with us at Epicenter.

Moving fast & following customers’ needs.

Wanda has a highly customer-driven approach. Spending time with their customers and operators is their key innovation strategy. By understanding the problems they face along their journey, it makes it easier to continuously test new things. 

“We are constantly looking into how we can facilitate the life of our customers through the creation of more space and smarter usage of the things we own.” says Emmy-Lou Ferreira, CEO Sweden.

“Smartifying” urban life.

At the end of 2021, the Swedish Wanda team moved to Epicenter in order to be closer to current and future partners, as well as to exchange ideas and learnings from other start-ups on similar journeys 

The Next Big Thing for Wanda? Soon the team will be introducing new collaborations focusing on helping their customers to take better care of their things in an easy and wallet-friendly way. A big collaboration with XXL has just been announced focusing on extending the lifespan of sport’s gear such as bikes and skis.

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