december, 2020

10dec18:0019:00Virtual Event: Centralize your configurations with Azure App Configuration

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Event Details

This is an event with our partner Microsoft Reactor, hosting events for all developers in our community.


What is this event about?
Every application has its configuration, even if the information is the same. Why don’t manage our configurations centrally? Azure App Configuration provides you the solution to centralize your configurations: one place to store them all!! In this session, you will understand better what Azure App Configuration is and how you can leverage its feature to centralize your configurations and how you can use it to implement a feature flag approach for your deployments.

Who is it aimed at?
The session is aimed at architects who want to understand how to centralize and to audit application configurations and developers who need to implement their applications making the most of Azure KeyVault. Finally, DevOps operator can understand how to leverage the App Configuration service to implement the feature flags approach in their DevOps pipeline.

Why should I attend?
Centralize application configurations allow you to audit and to control how and when your applications read those data. You can secure the connection between the application and the configuration repository, and you can have different configurations for different environments in the same place and quickly rollback a configuration if something goes wrong. Finally, you can implement the feature flags approach with a small effort.

Speaker Bio
Massimo is Azure Technical Trainer at Microsoft.
He spends his time to help customers to empower their Azure skills to achieve more and leverage the power of Azure in their solutions. Massimo is also a technical speaker both for local and international events and a user-group guy.
He founded several communities in Italy and collaborated with most of the Italian communities.
He is also passionate about biking, reading, and dogs!!

Basic concepts about Azure
App Service basic concepts
ASP.NET Core and C# web development basic


(Thursday) 18:00 - 19:00




Microsoft Reactor

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