february, 2021

10feb17:0018:00Empower every Azure Function to achieve more

Empower every Azure function


Event Details

This is an event with our partner Microsoft Reactor, hosting events for all developers in our community.


What is this event about?
The Azure Functions seem easy to use, but what if our business scenario cannot be implemented using one of the “default” triggers or bindings? “Extension” is the keyword in this case! In this session, we see how to enhance our functions with custom triggers and custom bindings to make the most of the power of Serverless.

Who is it aimed at?
This session is aimed at developers who want to know how extends their Azure Functions with custom triggers and Bindings. In this session, they will understand how to extend an Azure Function, the triggers and bindings lifecycle, and the best scenarios to use custom extensions in a serverless world.

Why should I attend?
Azure Functions, by default, give you a few triggers and bindings, but in real life, probably, you need to extend them to implement your scenarios and use the power of the serverless technology.

Speaker Bio
Massimo is Azure Technical Trainer at Microsoft.
He spends his time helping customers empower their Azure skills to achieve more and leverage Azure’s power in their solutions.
Massimo is also a technical speaker both for local and international events and a user-group guy.
He founded several communities in Italy and collaborated with most of the Italian communities.
He is also passionate about biking, reading, and dogs!!

C# knowledge
Azure Functions basic topics


(Wednesday) 17:00 - 18:00




Microsoft Reactor

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