february, 2023

15feb12:0013:00Event OverBreathwork Masterclass by Tobias Malm and Nic Jordan


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Ever wondered why people collectively breathe together? Many people ask themselves exactly this question, often even the ones who have tried and loved it.

Breathwork is the trend in the wellness industry but did you know that it is actually an ancient practice carried out by many different cultures around the world including yogis, sufis, shaolin monks, Christians, Shamans, and martial art practitioners? Science has caught up on its benefits and proven that it is the fastest way to access your nervous system and allow your body and mind to work most efficiently.

You will learn:

  • Why everyone should practice correct breathing 
  • What correct breathing actually means
  • The science behind Breathwork and breathing
  • How to optimize your physical and mental performance with breathwork
  • How to regulate stress with only a few breaths (!)
  • Breathwork and Flowstate

The lecture is for you if..

  • You are skeptical towards breathwork 
  • You love breathwork but you have no idea why you actually do it
  • You like to know more about your body
  • You like to optimise your performance at work 
  • You like to optimise your physical performance
  • You want to try breathwork but you aren’t sure if it is for you
  • You struggle with stress, anxiety, trauma, ptsd
  • You like facts and science and want to learn more

At Epicenter Nic and Toby will start holding a variety of their signature classes starting in February, but first, they will hold an interactive lecture that will finally answer all questions about your Breath and breathwork. This Talk will provide you with a whole menu of breathing exercises for different occasions.

About Minddate

Tobias Malm and Nic Jordan are the founders of MINDDATE and both Breathwork experts. MINDDATE is one of Sweden’s leading companies when it comes to breathing. Trained by people like Wim Hof they are now selling retreats together with author James Nestor (Breath- the new science of a lost art) and hosting classes in Hotels, Studios and for corporate events.


(Wednesday) 12:00 - 13:00 CEST


Technium, Epicenter Stockholm

Mäster Samuelsgatan 36


Epicenter Stockholm Mäster Samuelsgatan 36

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