Sep 14, 2020

Relesys – growing people, growing business

image of sarah jelvefors

If you looking to increase business and grow your company, here’s a trick for you! Engaging employees and make them feel included in your business – is the way to go. This is actually based on research, and Relesys, a recent and very welcomed addition to the Epicenter Community, have developed an app with this piece of research at the core of their software.

You might be familiar with the way to common hassle of finding, as well as distributing information. There are the emails, the Slack threads, the intranet, texts… the list goes on. For companies whose employees are not sitting in offices – the information-hassle gets even more real. We’re talking retailers, warehouses, restaurants etc.

What exactly does the Relesys app do?

Relesys making information easy accessible

By gathering all information your employees need to know about your workplace in one single place. It could be a piece of news, product launch, e-learning video or other type of information, Relesys makes finding and absorbing information – way easier. “The purpose of the app is to improve, as well as simplify internal communication,” says Sarah Jelvefors, heading Relesys in Sweden.

It gets really interesting when Sarah tells us: “The result of improved communication is increased employee engagement, which we know boosts growth in the company as a whole.”

Gamification to boost activity

We all know the satisfaction of checking something off a list or receiving a star when we’ve achieved something. And this has not gone by Relesys.

When your employees actively take part of information in the app – they also score points. “We can clearly see that people who are engaging, they are also perform better results in their specific retail store or restaurant,” Sarah says.

Want to know more about Relesys’s technology? Sarah is right here at Epicenter – make sure you reach out to: saje@relesys.net

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