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‘Innovation with impact’ is our much-loved mantra here at Epicenter. So we couldn’t be more proud that Sida Lab, with their mission to eradicate third world poverty, has chosen to make us their home. We meet Klas Waldenström to find out more.

Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, knows the power of collaboration. With bilateral co-operations in over 35 countries, Sida works on behalf of the Swedish government to implement development policies with the goal of improving the lives of those living in poverty and oppression.

Meet Klas Waldenström, Sida lab Programme Lead!

Naturally, when Sida took the leap to create an innovation Lab for incubating new operations to contribute to a fairer, more equitable world, Epicenter was the obvious choice. Sida Lab Programme Lead Klas Waldenström, says:

“We’re so excited to connect with people we’d never usually connect with.”

So, what’s happening in the Lab right now? And how can Epicenter members play their part in changing the world?

Read on and find out.

“If you have ideas on how to make the world a fairer place to be, bring them to us.”

As a dedicated space to develop new, innovative solutions, Sida Lab is all about impact. Take, for example, their current Climate Change Lab. Designed to leverage Sweden’s existing climate change programmes by collaborating with other global bodies, the Lab is able to lift efficiency and bring about greater results in this most urgent of areas.

Like its parent organisation, Sida Lab takes a multidimensional view on poverty. This means at any one time, the Lab could be examining ways to combat lack of power, lack of voice and respect for human rights, lack of opportunity and choice and /or lack of human security.

So, how can your organisation get involved?

“Epicenter members who want to change the world should come to us,” invites Claus. He and the Sida Lab team are especially keen to collaborate around devising new business models suited to the poorest communities.

The message is clear: don’t keep your ideas to yourselves – share them with Sida Lab.

Sida wants to be more digitally driven

Sida Lab is an organisation with its sights set high. Their own ambition includes becoming more digitally driven as a government agency, soaking up learnings and experience from our incredible community. Welcome, again Klas. You couldn’t be in a better place!

Lastly, To connect your world-changing ideas, reach out to Klas at: klas.waldenstrom@sida.se or check out his LinkedIn.

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