Pimm is a concept and design agency founded by Cira Wikström and Kristine Lium, with the vision of helping brands move from strategic concept to a business opportunity. Branding, communication, design & experiences – they have it all. 

Combining expertise in design and branding in tech for start-ups, scale-ups, agencies and big companies, the founders started working together with a common purpose: finding new ways of designing solutions that make a real impact and push your results beyond what you expect. 

“As one of our customers said the other day; it seems so simple when you do it, you just have a very natural way of always asking why to understand the reason behind the requests we have.” shares Kristine Lium, Founder & Concept Director at PIMM. 

Moving to Epicenter in January, they were drawn to the innovative vibe. Knowledge-driven or community-based events, PIMM’s team is making the most out of the Epi ecosystem “after being here for a couple of months it’s without a doubt the right place for us to be!” 

Purpose, flexibility and freedom – a new agency model 

After working with different global brands within the consumer industry for more than a decade, Pimm noticed a gap they could address in their own unique way: brands’ need to stand out

The company was founded on the belief that success is not only about the set of skills you offer to clients, but also how you offer them. Simply put you can say that finding purpose drives profit. 

“We saw that when looking into how we could change the way we worked it was like opening a pandora’s box. Our desire to connect back to the purpose and reason made us able to facilitate a whole new world of opportunities. Calling on people that share our values of making projects that are amazing through a belief that we can accomplish more by sharing and working together.” adds Kristine.

PIMM’s business model is based on flexibility and freedom. It is all about creating a network where they bring their expertise as specialists to the table to design a solution that is right for every client’s project. 

A unique, out-of-the-box, way of creative thinking 

Asics, Xiaomi, UGO, Sony, Undeco – delivering greatness in every project, for every client, across industries requires a strong agility and commitment to innovativeness. With a broad range of skills, there are always opportunities to be innovative to design better solutions, solve customer pain points and support their growth. 

“Usability of technology when working with design is important. If done in a purposeful way it can really enhance impact of the solution. Using creative curiosity and working with talents that are in the forefront of their field yet always keeping in mind why we are doing it makes innovation a crucial part of our success for all client projects. Sometimes taking us a little too far ahead, but in our mind it’s better to start off with a big idea and maybe backing an inch rather than playing it safe and get stuck in the middle.” 

Being on a mission to connect the business targets and strategies through concept, design and memorable ideas, their purpose is to find tastes, make the cake, and add the extra unique frosting on top. 

What’s next? Electric snowmobile and brand “re-packaging” 

After recently attending the Expo 2020 Dubai, the PIMM team is refuelled in creativity and motivation for the spring. 

“A fully electric snowmobile. We work with the founders to design their vision in a way that makes it understandable and attractive to convert general interest into actual funding. If all goes as we aim for it will make the project able to accelerate and move from idea and prototype into full production.” 

“Another project we’re working on is a ‘rebranding’ of a company. They want to position themselves to stand out in terms of service quality and delivery towards new and existing clients as well as employees” shares PIMM’s co-founder. 


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