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During 2020, the business relationship between Sweden and parts of Asia has entered a new era. From Epicenter grounds only, K-Startup Center (Korea Startup Center) is up and running and we’ve had the pleasure to welcome 11 Korean startups to the Epicenter ecosystem. On top of this, we’re now also super happy to introduce Maki Kobayashi and NordicBiz to the community.

Her mission with NordicBiz? To serve as bridge between Nordic Startups and corporate investors in Japan.

Maki Kobayashi came to Sweden to study at Handelshögskolan back in 2008. Since then, she’s been back and forth. To our delight, she has now also decided to stay. So, what is it that draws her to the Nordics?

“By being part of both the Nordics and the Japanese innovation ecosystems, I have seen how little the two regions know about each other and how little collaboration is happening between them,” Maki says.

With that said, there’s a lot of potential in bringing together the Nordic and Japanese innovation pioneers! And to make these collaborations and synergies happen – we do indeed need someone like Maki.

Serving both Startups and Corporates

NordicBiz serves both Nordic/EU Startups and Japanese larger firms by connecting them with the right innovation partners. Maki says:

”For Startups, we help find Japanese customers, investors, R&D or M&A partners, and offer various support with their market-entry strategy for Japan. For Japanese corporates, we help not only with sourcing Startups – but we also provide consulting services for the entire process of investment or collaboration.”

If you’re a Startup at Epicenter or in the EU having your eyes on Japan – Maki and NordicBiz is where you should turn your attention. Maki is now actively looking for businesses and individuals to collaborate with. Maki says she’s glad to be part of Epicenter to find these collaborations!

To connect with NordicBiz – either say hello to Maki at Epicenter, she usually sits on the Epicenter Terrace. You can also pop her an email at m.kobayashi@nordic-biz.com.

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