Massfluencer was founded in 2017 in Singapore. It is now the world-leading influencer performance platform helping companies to scale up, by having them access a poll of 100M influencers in 213 markets. Through their platform, companies can be matched with the right influencers given their needs in influencer marketing. 

With clients all around the world, Massfluencer focuses on attracting and hiring international talents. French, English, Mandarin, Russian, Latvian, and German – multiculturality is a tremendous asset of the company. 

Choosing Epicenter was aligned with this International vision. “Now, after two years, we truly appreciate the overall EPI vibe, the great facilities, and the very helpful staff.” says Nico Hasselström, Massfluencer’s CEO.

A tech platform powered by human creativity 

Working in Singapore for another start-up, the founders recognised early-on the power of influencer marketing, but also came across all the difficulties coming from identifying, negotiating, following-up with data etc in this industry. 

Launched in Singapore, the platform was introduced in the Swedish market 3 years later, “using technology and big data to deliver exceptional performance while acknowledging that some things need a human touch: creativity, brand safety, human interaction and brand building are vital to our success and the one of our clients”.

Since then, Massfluencer are proud to have run influencer marketing campaigns across 5 continents for more than 100 companies, ranging from fledgling startups to Fortune 500. Arla, Lantmännen, Lyko, Xiaomi and Phillips being part of their success stories. 

A constant commitment to effective and active listening 

Facing a few challenges along the way, like regulatory changes, the emergence of new social media platforms, and sudden changes in algorithms, Massfluencer realised the need to be constantly engaged in effective and active listening.

From market research to social media listening, the team gathers insights for the brand, and keeps up with the changing audience needs to keep on creating successful, authentic and innovative campaigns. Indeed, they constantly aim to stay up to date with current events and trends, and work to develop their platform accordingly. “The industry we are operating in is moving at a fast pace, and we must be innovative in order to stay relevant” adds Nico Hasselström. 

An eventful and educational exciting journey ahead 

“We are constantly evolving and expanding, and also hope to increase our team with a couple of new talents this spring. Apart from that, we have representatives traveling to the U.S next week to attend seminars and fairs to promote Massfluencer to a global audience. As the world is opening up again and getting back to normal, we of course also hope to host more events and lectures to inspire and inform about influencer marketing.” confides Elin Ruland, Business Development Manager at Massfluencer.

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