Your mental and physical health is important for success in your work or business. If you are an entrepreneur or a person who works extremely hard it is important to take some time for your personal well-being. Taking care of yourself not only gives you a longer life but also a higher quality one.

Physical strength influences everything else. People who work hard should be aware of a healthy lifestyle that will give them even more stamina to long-lasting hours demanded by their working lifestyle.

From optimizing your workout to improving your sleep, Hart54 is finding novel ways to keep you healthy.

So, what is Hart54?

Hart54 is a members club enabling people to be their best. Hart54 can transform your health through exercise, sleep, and nutrition. 

Your health is your most valuable asset

‘’At Hart54 our members have access to a team of health and training specialists who build custom plans created to reach each member’s individual goal. ‘’ – says Tobias Mattson, CEO at Hart54.

Why Hart54?

‘’ The name HART was obvious from the start, given how central the HEART is in your life. In-order to perform, and achieve everyday well-being, we have to constantly activate and improve our oxygen intake ability, as well as train the heart muscle. 

Hart is spelled incorrectly, but in our context, it is clear that we talk about the heart. Hart is also about our love of nature and the search for new adventures. Living stressful lives, our dreams are increasingly about getting away from urbanity, the office desk, and to breathe fresh air, and enjoy nature. When we take steps into the outdoors, Hart wants to guarantee that you are in the best physical state that your adventure of choice requires.

Hart represents a new type of lifestyle and community for people in search of quality of life, healthy choices, meanwhile spending more time with the things people really love. ‘’ – explains Tobias.

Guarding your health for the valuable asset it is can be achieved with little cost, and the benefits are priceless. With coronavirus and health emergencies it is even more necessary to take care of your well-being and invest in it. 

Here’s how you can make small but effective changes to protect your most valuable asset – your health:
– Reduce the stress 
– Exercise
– Make better food choices
– Get in touch with the Hart54 specialist’s team

‘’People who are ready to seriously invest in their health, and those who want to achieve a certain health and training goal are our most common customers. ‘’ – says Tobias.

How does Hart54 want to improve the concept of a healthy lifestyle?

Tobias explains: ‘’Being science-driven, building holistic training and health plans, we will improve public health, by helping people change lifestyle patterns and achieving their goals.‘’

Hart54 takes the latest science and applies it to their company development and member health and training plans. They want to be innovative and looking forward to collaborating with smart technologies or companies focusing on health and training.

They chose Epicenter as their home base as they like the clear vision that we have for health and training. 

‘’Hart54 is a proud partner, and with Epicenter’s clear focus on innovation and health, the partnership was made out of love at first sight.

While Hart54 supplies training and health services to the Epicenter Stockholm team, and its members, Epicenter caters for Harts’s management meetings and day-to-day work.

Epicenter Stockholm members can apply for membership at Hart54, and benefit from classes held at the Dojo in the very heart of Epicenter Stockholm. ‘’ – says Tobias.

Hart54 enables people to be the best they can be! Learn about health yourself and surround yourself with advisors who can enhance your knowledge and keep you on track. Because you do not want to wait until you lose your health to realize how valuable it is.For more details check out this link to get in touch with the Hart54 team – https://hart54.se/

Interested in joining our community? Become part of Epicenter.

Whether it’s just you and your laptop, or a team of 500, as a member of Epicenter you will find a membership that suits your needs the best. They are all designed to supercharge innovation and growth. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help.

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