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Personal Growth equals Business Growth. Statistics show that Personal Growth development increases professional productivity with 88%*, compared to 22% by traditional workplace training. Epicenter’s passion lies within the power of an ever-growing and ever-evolving community. We see the power of Personal Growth as a natural fit for our member companies. Some people say that “companies are only as good as the people who embody the mission of the organization” and in this article we intend to explain how you can affect this.

Recently we celebrated our 5 year anniversary. These 5 years have been filled with amazing success stories and growth, as well as hard work and even failures. As we now enter a new decade of new opportunities, we’re curious about exploring how we can invest in an even higher productivity at work in order to succeed with our businesses.

Meet BYOND, the new Epicenter partner for Personal Growth & Acceleration

At Epicenter, people are disruptors by nature. We disrupt our businesses, industries and ways of working, but often we forget ourselves. BYOND is the accelerator and personal growth programme that is driven by inner vision. This means a) disrupt ourselves and b) make use of that by implementing that to our personal and professional life balance.

Neo Moreton is the Founder of BYOND. A meditating, business-building Brit with a passion for real growth in real life. Inspired by tech and consciousness in equal measures, Neo founded BYOND to fuse the realms of creative thinking and inner wisdom. He says that:

“BYOND x Epicenter is a partnership made for maximum positive impact. Epicenter helps companies grow through innovation and BYOND helps people grow through personal disruption. Together we embark on a journey and unleash a movement that blends enlightenment and enterprise to the benefit of all entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to go to the next level.”

So, why is Epicenter and BYOND a match made in heaven? Well, since the Epicenter Ecosystem consists of a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, company-builders, change makers, thinkers and doers, and this group of people tend to go the extra mile in order to succeed – but perhaps paying the price of forgetting themselves. We say; it’s not about this or that – it’s about this and that.

We are therefore happy to announce the new partnership between epicenter and BYOND that will enable easy access to personal growth and acceleration to all Epicenter members. Through three customized and slim Epicenter offers, we bring Personal Growth to you. Learn more about the personal growth offers here.

Try a free disrupt yourself session

If you want to increase productivity, accelerate faster and grow together join us on this exciting journey don’t miss out on getting a small appetizer of the full programme. You are now able experience the power of Personal Growth in a Disrupt Yourself session – free of charge! Go here to book your free trial session.

As mentioned earlier, “companies are only as good as the people who embody the mission of the organization”. But this doesn’t mean that it happens by chance. Don’t let destiny (or working over-hours) determine your success. Who knows, it might be fun as well?

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