Epicenter Accelerate – Unfare advantages for early stage companies

Latest updates! Epicenter Accelerate Program, featuring Microsoft for Startups Spring 2020 now open for applications!

This is Epicenter Accelerate

A 10 week structured program that takes place two times a year (Spring & Autumn). Selected startups per batch that are provided with ”Unfair Advantages” to reach commercial success! That means a combination of things, some examples are:

  • Space
  • Coaching & Mentorship
  • Service & Functions (like legal, marketing etc)
  • Active matchmaking to other Epicenter members
  • Personal intros to investors
  • A red carpet to role out internationally
  • Completely for free



Want to apply to the Startup Program?

Microsoft Accelerate is a joint effort with Microsoft for Startups.

Right now we primarily look for startups within these industries/areas:

  • FinTech
  • MedTech & Health
  • Media & Communication
  • IoT
  • FoodTech
  • AI





Corporate Innovation Labs

Being innovative, forward thinking and focus on the right things is difficult. Together with our friends from Result we support corporates with clear strategies on how to innovate with impact. Join the likes of SEB and Stronghold and let us support you move towards continuous innovation.


Corporate Innovation Lab Case Study: SEB

SEB started their innovation with 3 main objectives in mind: a) Enable better prioritisation within their roadmaps that are tested b) Create new innovations that is line with their strategy c) Create a new culture of intrapreneurs with an upgraded mindset and a toolbox of testing and rapid protoyping to take into more projects within the organisation. Almost 4 years, 2000 people later, SEB has an internal foundation that has generated not just value in new innovations but in talent acquisition, retention and the speed of deployment that is world class.


Need help to become innovative?

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in running a Corporate Innovation Lab with us. Let's discuss which type of lab would be suitable for you.


Scaleup Programs

Very few companies manage to become global ventures. Together with Result we offer several different programs to help you scale up with success. Blitzscaling, a six weeks program for qualified scale ups to grow their business at wrap speed is one of the programs. Internationalisation, for companies looking to go global is another example.


Different types of scaleup programs

We bring together a curated team of entrepreneurs as coaches and act as a sounding board to help you fulfill your and your company’s true potential. Check out our partner Result's website to get more details on the different types programs.


Want support to grow your company?

Do you know what the best company founders all have in common? Well, they have not been afraid to ask for help. Get in touch with us to discuss what scaleup program would suit you and your company the best.


Hackathon & Ideathons

At Epicenter, we bring people together and form teams that collaboratively can produce a unique solution around a problem or idea. We let people hack the unhackable and solve the unsolvable and come forward to great solutions. Why not have a Hackathon with your team to solve your specific problem? It can be anything from how to gain the customers attention to come up with the next feature of your product.


Want to solve the unsolvable?

Let's have a Hackathon or Ideathon with your organisation to solve the problem you're experiencing! Reach out to us and let's discuss the arrangement.

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