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OK ekonomisk förening (OK) is a brand-new member in the Epicenter-community and they are eager to share and exchange valuable knowledge and experiences with all of you.

Image above is of Britt Hansson, CEO at OK

OK has recently initiated a project that aims to create a better understanding of what companies and entrepreneurs are looking for in an investor in order to position us as an attractive holding company. We believe that Epicenter, as an entrepreneurial- and business hub, can contribute with several interesting and important perspectives on this topic. We would therefore be grateful if you complete our survey, from an investor perspective, and help us on the journey of becoming an even better holding company.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
Linda Glauser
+46 (0)76 775 98 94

About OK

OK ekonomisk förening (OK) is a cooperative and member-owned company with approximately 750,000 members and owners in Sweden. We own companies in various industries such as fuel, green tech, real estate and pellet manufacturing. As an example, OK owns 50 percent of OKQ8, one of Scandinavia’s largest fuel companies.

Our history is also the future

OK was founded in 1926. Ever since then, one of the basic ideas of a cooperation is to be long-term. OK and our operations must be available to members and customers as long as there is a demand for the products and services that the companies offer. Over the decades, OK, together with OKQ8, has been a pioneer with several sustainable solutions in the industry. We see that it is both responsible and profitable to work for long-term sustainability. Both historically, now and in the future.

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