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In 2018 we launched Epicenter Campus as a new and exciting offering in our community and eco-system. Fast growing digital companies are often faced with the challenge of finding and recruiting talented programmers. Reach out to us if you are interested in recruiting a Full Stack Java Script developer.

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For Students: Learn how to code and launch your career in tech

The recruitment process is not based on your grades or previous background. Instead, we value personality, ambition and performance in logic & intelligence tests. We welcome diversity, in the first and second batch we've had about 60 students from 14 different countries and 42 percent of the participants were women. Together with our partner </salt> we are striving for a richer diversity in the Swedish tech industry. We believe that professional organizations should mirror the population's diversity. With our accelerated career program we aim to increase the number women and new Swedes in tech. Anyone can apply and the best part - after completing your studies you are guaranteed employment at one of the Epicenter member companies or other companies.

Short Facts:

>The education is done together with </salt> at Epicenter Campus, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36 in Stockholm >The participants will be studying Full Stack Java Script programming, the most common coding language for interactive platforms >The education is during 3 months and after graduating, students are guaranteed an employment

>The education is for free >Telia, MRG Gametek and Klarna are some of the companies that hired programmers from the first batch ></salt> (School of applied technology) was founded in 2018 by Richard Andemark, Koshi Hamedi and Max Hamedi

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