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When innovation is in the core and backbone of a company, interesting products and services tend to pop up. Crunchfish, a new member of Epicenter can definitely count as one of these businesses. We have nearly 40 innovations whereof 28 are granted patents within technology, so the level of innovation is extremely high,” says Linda Kronby, Business Developer at Crunchfish.

From VR to frictionless payments

11 of the patented innovations are within gesture interaction. Crunchfish however, are now entering a new era by taking on frictionless payments in the physical stores. With a new software and hardware, you would be able to make payments using your phone when purchasing your morning coffee, or when you’re out shopping.

Paying with your phone is itself nothing new, but Linda says: “The Crunchfish technology is different though. The payment information goes in two directions.” What does mean you may think? Well, the technology runs via Bluetooth and a payment confirmation pops up on your phone, as well as behind the counter.

“It was during a visit the founders made in India that the demand for this type of two-way communication came up. And then we already had a patent that could be used to build a product,” Linda says.

Future of payment is already here

Crunchfish has a lot of technology to be able to develop payment solutions. “Potential customers has been receiving it well. Our challenge now is to get companies to adopt this new technology,” Linda says. It’s all about timing, and she continues: “It is important to find when it is the right time for this, and I think we are very close to being there.”

Looking forward following the development of Crunchfish frictionless payments! Curious to hear more? Pop Linda an email, she sits right here at Epicenter: linda.kronby@crunchfish.com

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