Let's keep Epicenter Stockholm a safe community together!

Epicenter is open as normal but we’ve taken several actions to keep the building clean, and members, staff and visitors safe.

Actions as of October 29 2020

  • We’ll keep Epicenter open for all members but we would like to encourage you to work from home if you can.
  • Please be restrictive with visitors and don’t come in to Epicenter if you are ill or have any symptoms.
  • The Epicenter team will still be on site but work in shifts to be able to provide good service in a safe way.
  • We have established a hot-line between 08.00-17.00 for any of your questions or if there’s something we can do to support you. The number is 0702974643.

Additional measures we have taken at Epicenter

  • We have increased daily cleaning of all common areas. In addition to this, we have increased cleaning of all common touch points such as door handles, elevator buttons, coffee machines, tables and so on.
  • Info signs are on all meeting rooms, entrances and spread throughout the building to inform people about the government restrictions and take care of their fellow members.
  • Hand gel is on all floors, at the entrances and near elevators. We have also put additional hand gel and place it in all meeting rooms and bathrooms.
  • Signage incl. 1,5m is on all meeting rooms. 
  • Info signs are placed in the different co-working areas and we have removed chairs in order to keep the 1,5m distance as much as we can.
  • In the restaurant we have created marks on the floor to indicate the one meter distance. Please respect your fellow members and respect the social distance rules.
  • Coffee bar & restaurant is open but with limited service and signage in place for distance.

If you feel sick, have a fever or any other symptoms we encourage you to stay at home. 

How you can get to Epicenter Stockholm:

The Swedish Health Authority recommends you to avoid public transportation. Here are some other options for you:

  • Electrical scooters can be parked on the street outside Epicenter, just make sure not to block the entrance or the emergency exits. Thank you!
  • Use your bike and park it in the bike parking in our garage. 
  • If you want to drive, there are parking facilities close to Epicenter. If you want your own space, contact our Service Desk for options. 
  • Walk! We love walking, it’s the perfect time to listen to a new podcast or just call someone you haven’t talked to in a while!

Work hard, also from your home office!

We understand some of you need to work from home. To make sure you can still get access to our network of fellow members and knowledge sharing, we have created our new Digital Platform. Log in to our webpage, and check out:

  • All our live webinars. 
  • Our knowledge library.
  • Inspiring blog posts. 
  • Social space for networking. 

For other advise on working remote from home, check out our blog post with tips on working from home!

Hope to see you at Epicenter soon 💜



Stay safe, and see you soon!

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