Let's keep Epicenter Stockholm a safe community together!

As Stockholm’s leading innovation house – we take these new recommendations and rules from The Swedish Health Authority very seriously. Together we create a fantastic community, and together we will take care of each other!


We want to do our part in preventing and stopping the continued spread of infection. At the same time, we want to ensure that this has as little impact on your operations as possible. We have therefore decided to introduce several measures to support the fight against Covid-19.


Below you can read all the actions we have taken in order to keep Epicenter open, so that those of you who want and need to work from Epicenter are welcome to do so. 

Actions as of January 2022

  • If you feel sick, have a fever or any other symptoms we encourage you to stay at home.
  • We have increased daily cleaning of all common areas with stronger detergents. In addition to this, we are paying more attention to cleaning of all common touch points such as door handles, elevator buttons, coffee machines, and tables.
  • We have placed signs around the building to remind people to take care of their fellow members.
  • We provide free face masks at the Service Desk for those who want one.
  • There are several hand sanitizer stations placed around the entrances, common areas, meeting rooms and restrooms. 
  • In the restaurant we have created marks on the floor to indicate the distance. Please respect your fellow members and respect the social distance rules.

Work hard, play hard, & stay safe!

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