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When hearing Axis Communications, the first association may be surveillance cameras. Fair enough, that is their core business. But there is a lot more to Axis with innovation and partnership in the core of the organization. And we welcome Axis as a great contribution to the Epicenter Community!

Carl Staël von Holstein, Business Development Manager for the Retail sector in Northern Europe at Axis Communications, says that:

“The Epicenter ecosystem is one of the main reasons for us being here. In this ecosystem, you find people with great ideas and I want to meet these people,”

There is no doubt that Axis have come to the right place. With the variety of companies and talent in this innovation hub, the opportunities to find business synergies are endless. He continues saying:

”Axis are really good at innovation. Our ARTPEC chips were a small revolution for us and for the industry, but no man is an island, we believe in partnership and we are at places like Epicenter to Interact with people and corporations that can develop software and applications to complement our technology and products.”

With a job that requires a lot of travelling, Carl and Axis Communications has a Knowledge Membership at Epicenter Stockholm, go say hello to him if you pop into him in one of the co-working areas! Or why not reach out if you want to brain storm business cooperation?

Knowledge membership perfect for Axis

And lastly, if you want to find out more about the Knowledge Membership, go to this link to get some more details. Epicenter has several memberships suited to all kinds of companies in all sizes and stages. Check out all memberships here.

Also make sure to pop Axis website a visit to learn more about their work on innovation! Super interesting company working to create a smarter and safer world.

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