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When a crisis hits there’s no such thing as business as usual. Focus and priorities across society changes, and the market landscape becomes reliable on both individuals and companies will to do good. In these situations, it’s up to each and every company to quickly adapt to the new situation. As a response to the spread of the Coronavirus, some businesses have really proven how flexible and agile they are. And Epicenter member Avy, can definitely count themselves as one of these businesses.

Avy works towards the real estate industry and as Corona hit the Nordics, property owners were facing a new type of challenge. Self-isolation among many of the 2,2 million people living in apartment buildings today. On top of that, about 20% of Sweden’s population is above 65 years old, making them extra exposed and vulnerable to the virus.

Avy sees a more prominent need for digital tools for property owners

The real estate industry is not exactly famous for being ahead in terms of digitalization. Handwritten notes from property owners in the stairwell is an example of that. In these times of crisis, we also see neighbours reaching out – offering to help with grocery shopping or even dog walking, also by notes in the elevator or stairwell.

If we summarize the situation, there are concerned property owners, people in risk groups isolated in their homes. But at the same time there are neighbours willing to help out. All that seems to be missing is a more effective way than notes in the elevator to connect these groups.

Figured out where Avy comes in yet?

App scaling up solidarity among neighbours and property owners

After working day and night the past 2 weeks with tweaking their app to make the on-boarding process quicker and without the need of any integration, Avy have now introduced a free version of their digital tool for property owners and their tenants during the crisis. Mikaela Svefors, Co-founder of Avy says:

”In this adapted version of the app, free for all property owners during the crisis, we allow for matching neighbours who need help with other neighbours who are willing to help out. It also allows property owners to reach out with their communication a lot faster, without having to run around in the buildings putting up notes”.

The property owners are able to use the Avy app to have a good communication channel, but it’s also a tool for neighbors to be able to help each other. Offer a neighbour to walk the dog, or take turns to watch the kids currently home from school; all of that can be facilitated within the app.

A hands-on solution to a problem arising just over night, and also a tool to support solidarity in society. Well done Avy!

Property owners – here’s your chance

The brilliant team at Avy are now reaching out to property owners in Sweden, offering them this service free of charge. And Mikaela says it will be available as long as Corona has a solid grip on people’s everyday life. Lastly, for all property owners – this is great opportunity to show your ability to adapt to rapid change. And most importantly; showcase your will to do good.

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