Sep 29, 2020

How to get attention from Telia Ventures

image of ebba lilliehöök telia ventures What’s the best way for a multinational corporate to access innovation? One way is to invest in promising fast-growing startups. If you haven’t met Telia Ventures yet - keep reading… you might just be their next big thing. Telia Ventures invests in early stage tech companies Corporate Venture Capitalists Telia Ventures have the global mandate to invest in early stage tech companies show...
Sep 17, 2020

Epicenter in collaboration with Culture Physics United Nations 75

epicenter and united nations In the midst of the disruptive year of 2020 – the United Nations is also marking its 75th anniversary. As part of marking this very special anniversary, a night of musical performances and progressive dialogue was broadcasted from our very own Epicenter Studio! Joining forces with UN75 on June 30th turned into one of the most magical and important nights, ever at Epicenter Stockholm. https...
Sep 14, 2020

Relesys – growing people, growing business

image of sarah jelvefors If you looking to increase business and grow your company, here’s a trick for you! Engaging employees and make them feel included in your business - is the way to go. This is actually based on research, and Relesys, a recent and very welcomed addition to the Epicenter Community, have developed an app with this piece of research at the core of their software. You might be familiar with the ...
Sep 1, 2020

Crunchfish developing the future of frictionless payments

image of linda at crunshfish When innovation is in the core and backbone of a company, interesting products and services tend to pop up. Crunchfish, a new member of Epicenter can definitely count as one of these businesses. We have nearly 40 innovations whereof 28 are granted patents within technology, so the level of innovation is extremely high,” says Linda Kronby, Business Developer at Crunchfish. From VR to fricti...
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