Henriette Sveen, Country Manager

Henriette is our Country Manager, our captain and guiding star! She makes sure that we all work towards the same goals and turning our vision into reality.


Phone: +47 466 73 667


Email Henriette

Mathias Willumsen, Head of Community

Mathias is our Head of Community, meaning he makes exciting things happen at Epicenter. He knows everything and is our go-to guy for any challenge – or wizard as we call him.


Phone: +47 951 24 614


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Christina Ween, Head of Service

Christina is our Head of Service and is responsible for making sure everyone is happy at Epicenter – and she’s amazing at it. She is a ray of sunshine, something you’ll notice when entering the house. 


Phone: +47 932 67 711


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Torgeir Kjepso, Head of Event

Torgeir is our Head of Event. What he doesn’t know about events isn’t worth knowing. He makes sure anyone hosting an event at Epicenter gets an unforgettable experience.


Phone: +47 944 46 104


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Siril Skogbrott, Production Manager

Siril is our Production Manager and is the one making sure that everything goes as planned during events. She is a problem solver and can fix pretty much anything. 


Phone: +47 413 61 473


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My Elfstrand, Business Relationship Manager

My is one of our Business Relationship Managers, a networking queen and a fantastic matchmaker. Looking to connect to a company? My is your girl. 


Phone: +47 413 46 454


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Morten Wang, Business Relationship Manager

Morten is one of our Business relationship Managers with a knack for identifying needs and accommodating them. Need someone to understand your needs? Morten is your guy!


Phone: + 47 959 00 504


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Marte Willumstad, Marketing Manager

Marte is our Marketing Manager. She handles all marketing, communication, press, Social media, content… Etc. Have something exciting to share? Talk to Marte! 


Phone: +47 950 92 611


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Helga Stifoss-Hanssen, Finance Manager

Helga is our Finance Manager, and a true Excel-fan. She makes sure we reach our vision without compromising the budget, and of course makes sure our financials are on point. 


Phone: +47 926 36 254


Email Helga
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