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Stay updated on the latest learning from the digital field and future proof your company and yourself. Join us for our weekly events and learn from thought leaders and change makers in the industry.

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The power of the Epicenter community is truly unique. Countless of members and stories to highlight! Read more about these people, their successes and amazing work within growth and innovation in the Epicenter Blog.

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At Epicenter, there are over 500 companies and over 6,000 members connecting and collaborating on how to make their businesses better. It is filled with real people with real experiences who work and assist each other in making this a true innovation hub - this is the next level of any co-working space. Epicenter is all about making an impact.

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Meet people working at Spacemaker and Ignite Procurement, Coop or Imerso, here is so much buzz that you can feel it when you walk through the door. Connect, collaborate and create! We have members all over the Nordics, with hubs in Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo.

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