What is a House of Digital Innovation?

A House of Digital Innovation is the physical platform where people and companies together meet, innovate, create and grow. We believe in a better world in which digitalization develops people and societies.

How is Epicenter different from others?

At Epicenter it’s not about the chair or the desk – it’s about the network, the community, the knowledge and the inspiration within the Epicenter ecosystem. We work together with our members by helping them grow, network and develop by creating new opportunities and new ways of making business happen.

How can I become part of Epicenter?

Epicenter is based on membership, and if you’re ready to come join us – apply for a membership.


How do I know if my company is right for Epicenter?

We work with fast growing digital scaleups and larger corporates. Our member companies are industry leading and has a digital DNA.

Collaborations and Partnerships with Epicenter?

Epicenter loves co-creation! Examples of collaborations we have is with Result and - School of Applied Technology. With Result, we run innovation labs and we help scaleups and corporates grow and reach their potential. Together with – School of applied technology, Epicenter has launched an innovative coding school in advanced programming. If you have an idea of how we can work together - reach out to us!

What companies are members of Epicenter?

Our members range from Safello, Tiptapp, Telia, IZettle, Volvo’s innovation teams to Tim Ferris; lifehacker and NY Times best selling author. We all share the passion for digital transformation and creating a better tomorrow.

How many members are there at Epicenter?

We’re constantly growing. Currently we have over 500 member companies and 6000 members.

Are there any day passes or short term memberships?

Since we like to work together with our members, we want people to stay for minimum three months. Therefore, we don’t offer any day passes or short period memberships.

What does the different memberships include and what would suit my company?

Epicenter offers six different types of membership, all depending on your company's needs and interests.

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