Let's keep Epicenter Oslo a safe community together!

Oslo and Norway is finally open, and there are no regulations that concerns the Epicenter daily operations. 

If you feel sick, have a fever or any other symptoms we encourage you to stay at home and contact the Oslo Municipality Corona Telephone at +47 21 80 21 82 for more information. 

How you can get to Epicenter Oslo:

The Norwegian Health Authority recommends you to avoid public transportation. Here are some other options for you:

  • Oslo City Bike has several parking slots around Epicenter. Download the mobile application and get started!
  • Electrical scooters can be parked on the street outside Epicenter, just make sure not to block the entrance or the emergency exits. Thank you!
  • Use your bike and park it in the bike parking in our garage. 
  • If you want to drive, there are several parking facilities close to Epicenter. If you want your own space, contact our Service Desk for options. 
  • Walk! We love walking, it’s the perfect time to listen to a new podcast or just call someone you haven’t talked to in a while!
  • Should you need to work from the office and public transportation is you only way to get into the office, we encourage you to travel outside the public transportation peak hours, and always wear a face mask when using public transportation. 

Work hard, also from your home office!

While we hope to see you soon at Epicenter, we understand some of you need to work from home. To make sure you can still get access to our network of fellow members and knowledge sharing, we have created our new Digital Platform. Log in to our webpage, and check out:

  • All our live webinars. 
  • Our knowledge library.
  • Inspiring blog posts. 
  • Social space for networking. 

For other advise on working remote from home, check out our blog post with tips on working from home!


Hope to see you at Epicenter soon 💜





Stay safe, and see you soon!

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