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How do you engage your audience when your speakers are moved from a packed event venue, to a 13 inch screen? Don't worry, we can help! With our newest asset, the Epicenter Studio, we have different formats and packaged that enables you to move your event from an all physical event to an all digital event. If you have the agenda ready, the studio offers a 'plug & play' solution where all we need is a few hours with you to plan the speakers, formats and edits. Should you want us to help you create valuable content for your audience, we have a toolbox of speakers, communication trainers, musicians, moderators, graphic designers and event apps ready to help you reach your goals. Check out the different packages we offer below, or contact us for a tailored offer.

Webinar & live streaming

Do you have important content that you want to get out in the public, but need help to build a professional video format to push in all your favorite channels? Then our one camera package is exactly what you need. We have packages for two, four or eight hours, where we can go live online or create an edited video for you to share. Contact us for prices on one of the following packages:

  • One camera, two hours production.
  • One camera, four hours production.
  • One camera, eight hours production.

Prices from NOK 20.000

Contact us for an offer!

Online interviews & leader chats

Do you want to create a professional on stage setting for your next internal video going out to all your employees? Or maybe you want to create some online content to build your brand? In that case, check out the Epicenter Studio offering with a multiple camera production! This package is based on creating videos for you to share in your channels with the audience you want to reach. Contact us for an offer and more information about these pacakges.

  • Multiple cameras half day.
  • Multiple cameras whole day.

Prices from NOK 60.000

Contact us for an offer!

Communication trainer

Do you want us to ensure you and your speakers talk the talk while in front of the camera? Then our advise is that we add a communication traner to assist you closely throughout the recording. We can also give you one-on-one keynote training before a live stream, or a group session before a panel.

Social Media Support

We believe that using the same material more than one time is a win-win situation. So why don’t you let us help you create a social media strategy alongside one of our social media agencies. We can either create a lot of content through the event speaker videos, or plan and execute the plan for you. That’s up to you.

Mobile event format

Go big, or go home. If you want to create a digital conference, you will need a mobile application to guide your audience through the entire event. We help you build your event app, and launch it before the event, follow up with live content and provide you with all customer data post event. Let’s get in touch if you want to go next level on your digital event platform!

Go international!

Do you want to add speakers from outside Oslo to your live event? Don’t worry! We have Epicenter Studios in Stockholm, Helsinki and Amsterdam. In addition to that, our partners from technical suppliers and international network of companies have facilities we can use. So let’s save the planet for airfares, and fly your speakers in digitally. That’s being digitally driven!


Let's talk about your next event and how to make sure you reach your targets!

We love to create magic moments that truly matters, and makes you and your partners grow. Both as professionals and individuals. Let's talk through your ambitions and goals with your next event, and we would love to assist and make sure your next digital event becomes a virtual success.

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