VOLI is a company passionate about challenging beliefs and making ideas fly! They are specialists at integrating new technology with classic business systems, and a new member of the Epicenter Community. We had a chat with their Oslo representative and Partner, Bjørn Tore Aurlien to get a better understanding of what VOLI is all about and their ambitions for the future: 

Can you give us a short introduction to VOLI and your team? 

VOLI is a spin-off from the ERP industry. Having large players offering hugely monolithic software, VOLI offers services and add-on services to the Deltek Maconomy platform. With our unique experience from the market, we are able to standardize add-on products that compliments the platform. 

As of now, the team consists of 12 people, both part-time student workers and full-time employees. The company was founded in Copenhagen 4 years ago and now we also have a location in Oslo. We are constantly growing and developing. 

What problems or challenges did you see in the world that you wanted to solve with your company? 

As business-software traditionally has not been focused on the end-user, we have seen a large market for companies such as ours, that also focus on the human side of using business software. In fact, this is one of the goals of the company, to make “human-friendly” business software. 

What’s the biggest impact you have seen on both your customers and the industry you work in?

During COVID, the biggest impact has been the work-from-home trend. As we have always delivered digitization projects and tools, our customers have been forced to embrace, more than ever before, the digital tools that enable their work-from-home reality. In this we see both the increased demand to help implement existing tools, as well as enhancing ease of use through both optimization, and the need for new user interfaces to existing solutions. 

What challenges have you faced along your journey, and what are your biggest learnings?

VOLI is lucky in that our services are in high demand, so our biggest challenge is not in getting the customers, but in ensuring we grow our talent base with the right people. We are looking for both senior people, as well as last year students that can help us shape the technologies we use. This is also why we, both in Copenhagen as well as Oslo, have chosen to stay close to universities. In our experience, this enables students to better work part-time between classes. 

How does VOLI work with innovation at large?

VOLI is integrating new technology with classic business systems. Together with our customers, we integrate new technologies in existing workflows. A good example is how we currently are building functionality in MS Teams, for Deltek Maconomy. The effective goal is to ensure the majority of our customers’ users will not have to touch the business system outside of the places they are already working, such as Teams, Outlook and more. 

We always work through an iterative process and create value in small steps to guarantee maximum pay-off and minimize risk for our customers. 

For us, building trust and transparency is important. Therefore we start small, learn in iterations and scale fast. 

Why did VOLI choose to work from Epicenter?

We found that Epicenter offered the flexibility we need for establishing our new office, allowing us to scale as we need. In addition to flexibility, we are also impressed with the location, and proximity to universities. VOLI will actively recruit from universities, and offer part-time work, as well as full-time positions, to students. 

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