The argument for behavioral advertising is that you as an advertiser can reach the target audience at all times. Regardless of what kind of article or website the person visits when the ad is displayed. With contextual advertising in Kobler, no personal data is collected, ads are displayed here based solely on the content of the article where the ad is displayed.

What really works best?

Can the context or relevance really increase the impact of the ad? Will the ad be more credible or better remembered with so-called brand suitability? The answer is a resounding YES!

Kobler have collaborated with YouGov and ANFO. Together we have conducted a large study where we measured the effect of contextual advertising compared to digital advertising in general. More than 4,000 Norwegians and 45 different campaigns have been tested, there is little doubt. As a result we see that the advertiser gets more effect from every single exposure that is shown in context.

No doubt – let’s look at the findings

  • After only ONE exposure (frequency 1), brand recall increases by 17%.
  • 24% more people find the ad credible when it is in the right context.
  • 25% more will seek out more information or visit the store.
  • 21% become more positive towards advertisers when they are exposed to the ad in the right context.

There is no doubt that the context elevates the effect of the ad. Not only by hitting the right target audience, but also hitting the target audience at the right time, with the right focus in the right context.

Want to learn more about contextual marketing? Log on to our digital platform and check out the virtual event where Tomas and Kobler dives into the details. Or reach out to Kobler through their webpage.

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