Apr 6, 2021

Making better business decisions with big data!

Data is a valuable resource that all businesses must tap into. What was once a seemingly abstract concept used only in software development textbooks has now become a sort of secondary currency in the world of business. Every interaction, communication with the client, service package, strategy, business plan, etc. add up to important data for analysis.

Sannsyn is a global leader in Data Engineering, Data Science, and Deep Learning. They are located in Oslo (Norway), Riga (Latvia) and Dhaka (Bangladesh) and their headquarter is located at Epicenter in Oslo.

But how to they use data?

‘’We have deployed products across all major verticals that have allowed our clients to greatly optimize internal business practices and gain robust insight into their consumers resulting in a strong return on investment. We work with clients along all paths of the data process including architecture & engineering, analytics & data science, and artificial intelligence,” says Morten Krogh-Moe, CEO at Sannsyn.

Morten Krogh-Moe is the CEO and Founder of Sannsyn

It looks like Sannsyn spends time to get to really know and understand their customers in order to deliver truly intelligent experiences. 

Morten shares some details with us: ‘’AI is becoming ever increasing in today’s digital economy. At Sannsyn, we have developed AI platforms that have been utilized across all major industries. This has provides us with the experience to guide our clients in this new branch of the economy. We have experience in natural language processing and deep learning allowing us to develop smart products. Some of our AI products have included generative models for financial forecasting, real-time sentiment classifiers, and recommendation and personalization engines. ‘’

Is data driven work ‘one size fits all’?

Big data enables CEO’s and managers to make better decisions. Decisions that, in turn, deliver far greater results. Sannsyn’s customers are businesses of any size and a broad range of industries. For example you will find companies ranging from the manufacturing industry to companies in the service industry.

‘’Sannsyns solutions are individualized to every single customer. On some projects, Sannsyn works only on a consultancy basis, while in other projects we mostly use our own template-based solutions, frameworks, and products.”

We are so proud of our data driven clients! We have clients such as Gyldendal, Rema 1000, ARK Bokhandel, Berggård Amundsen, Aptic, Elektroskandia and Tekna,’’ explains Morten. 

For about two years as part of Epicenter, they are happy for this journey that has created the opportunity for connections, networking, and collaborations.

‘’We have been part of Epicenter for over two years and are very satisfied. Firstly they have nice offices. Secondly, the team is pleasantly. Thirdly, the restaurant provides good food. And last but not least, they provide good opportunities for networking. Epicenter has been a good choice for us.’’

Want to reach out to Morten or the team at Sannsyn? Check out their webpage or search for Morten on our digital platform.

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