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Artificial Intelligence. Once the stuff of sci-fi, now part of every innovative company’s roadmap. And trailblazing the most disruptive applications is the incredible Ashok Samal, AI Ambassador working at Microsoft. Earlier this year he treated Epicenter members to an AI masterclass. Couldn’t attend? Take a break from everything that has to do with Covid-19 and catch up on our pick of his inspiring cases. Enjoy!

AI breaking down language barriers

Being multilingual is second nature to many of us here at Epicenter. Yet when language becomes a barrier, business doesn’t get done. Traditional translation tools, based on standard algorithms, help to an extent. But still nuance and detail get lost. Cue AI powered translations, lifting the quality and natural flow of multilingual exchanges to new levels of accuracy and meaning. Something for you to think about; What would instant polylingualism bring to your ventures?

AI innovating product design

No doubt you’ll have sampled Mackmyra’s Intelligens; the world’s first AI-led whisky proudly created here in Sweden. By augmenting and automating the complex distilling process, AI exposed the brand’s Master Distillers to “recipes that would never have occurred to a person”. If AI led you beyond the non-obvious, what might you discover?

AI in conservation

When citizen science meets Artificial Intelligence, the aggregated data set explodes. A great example of this is Wild Me, using AI tech and advanced cloud software to identify species on the brink of extinction, enabling rapid at scale identification and population analysis. Which critical decisions could you make better with AI-enhanced data?

AI empowering accessibility

We loved this case – such a strong example of innovation with impact! Seeing AI turns the visual world into audio descriptions, instantly revealing the immediate world to people with visual impairments. The transformative nature of this application blew us away; suddenly emotions, ages, facial expressions and more are accessible with never-seen-before accuracy.

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We can’t wait for Ashok Samal to be back at Epicenter to inspire, inform and drive even more AI innovation. Also – thanks to all the members and Epicenter team who brought this masterclass to life!

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picture of ashok samal at epicenter
Ashok Samal,
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