Apr 16, 2020

Marketing Automation – give your marketing team superpowers

marketing automation with adnika

All of us are experiencing a crisis. There are however, good ways to deal with this current situation. To have a curious mind and keep on learning is one of them. Also taking the opportunity to review your software and systems is both productive and good. Obviously, after the crisis is over, the world will have changed. The question comes down to; are you equipped for this change?

You’ve probably read and heard about Marketing Automation. Clearly a subject and a function that digital marketers really should address. And for all you business leader, it’s also a very powerful tool that connects your departments and helps them work towards common goals.

In this blog post, Epicenter member Thérèse Lundquist will tell us more about Marketing Automation. If you’re not already working with Marketing Automation today, maybe after reading this post you’ll feel more convinced that it is the right way to go.

With the fashion industry close to her heart, Thérèse has been working with her own fashion brand, as well as major international brands like Louis Vuitton and Oriflame. In recent years she has spent her time in the start-up world within Edtech and Fintech. Today, she is an advisor at the Growth Marketing Agency; AdNIKA.

What is Marketing Automation?

Maybe it feels like something that only large companies and perhaps B2B especially, are working with. But it’s not like that at all.

“Marketing Automation is for everyone and almost always right.”

So what exactly is Marketing Automation? Well, it’s a solution, a technical solution and integration that various software platforms deliver. Hubspot for example, which streamlines, automates and measures marketing. As well as sets up and enables different workflows.

The above is the simple explanation, but what does Marketing Automation really mean? There are certain parts of the marketing workflow that can really benefit from being automated. Top seven below:

  • Email Marketing
  • Lead-Gen
  • Omni Channel Marketing
  • Additional sales
  • Segmentation
  • Home page optimising
  • Measure ROI

Automation is not a system for sending out a lot of spam and it does not replace your marketing department. Market automation is a way to give your marketing department new superpowers.

And the more your company grows, the more important it will be to give the company’s teams the right tools to succeed. Automation creates opportunities for this.

Automation comes in different forms through different types of technical platforms that are integrated with existing systems. Another option is to replace current platforms with more holistic solutions, such as Hubspot.

A tool to optimize

So what makes companies that work with marketing automation different from the others? In simple words; they get better control of the sales funnel. They’re able to determine when leads are ready to buy, as well as make the customer journeys a lot more personalized. In the huge noise that is going on, these abilities are absolutely crucial to stand out.

Automation also gives marketers the ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns. This way marketing departments can proof that they are revenue generators – not a cost.

As always, it is with a certain amount of hesitation to buy new solutions. It takes time from existing resources and you have to learn new things. Without doing so however, you risk really falling behind in development and missing many opportunities. It’s time to get started with your Automation and associated Growth. Of course, Thérèse and AdNIKA are happy to support with everything and will not let go until you can fly yourself.

Want to learn more? Thérèse is hosting a webinar through Epicenter on April 20 2020. Make sure to tune in!

therese lundquist adnika
Thérèse  Lundquist
Head of Advisory Board

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